Sleepy Hollow Q&A: Katia Winter On Ichabod & Katrina’s Love Story

It’s a tranq dart in the neck that temporarily alleviates Ichabod Crane from his freedom and places him in harm’s way as “Sleepy Hollow” returns to Fox on Monday night.

But while we’ll see the former Revolutionary War soldier, played by Brit Tom Mison, in peril, the episode will also begin to pull back the petticoats on the love story between Ichabod and his wife, Katrina.

Actress Katia Winter, who plays the purgatory-held Katrina on the Fox series, is looking forward to fans finally getting to see that story unfurl on televisions screens. And, in a new interview with, the Swedish stunner addressed the twists to come, her gorgeous costumes, and why she’s totally Team Katrina.

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Katia Winter: Yeah, it has. It was exciting that they’re so excited for it to come back. … There’s always a worry, that you think, ‘Oh, they’re gonna lose interest,’ because it’s a two-week break, but it’s actually created the opposite effect. It’s really, really nice actually.

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Access: This Monday looks to be a big episode for Katrina. From what I understand, we’re going to get to see the beginnings of Ichabod and Katrina’s love story. Is that right?

Katia: Finally (laughs)! Yeah, we’re gonna go back to the beginning and we’re gonna get to know more about when they met and what they were like before the present day and you’re gonna get to know Katrina more. … I’ve been waiting for fans to get to know Katrina more. I knew it was gonna be a slow start for me because obviously I am in purgatory and they have to set up Sleepy Hollow and all of that other stuff, but it’s just been so nice to finally kind of dig my teeth into Katrina. I’m excited for it to finally come out.

Access: What can you tell me about the young Katrina from days of yore?

Katia: (Laughs) Well, she is an incredibly strong character, and this is what I liked about [her] when I spoke to Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman, two of the show’s creators]… And actually, all of the female characters in ‘Sleepy Hollow’ are very independent and they’re not defined by a man as such. … You’re gonna get a glimpse of it in Episode 5, but also in Episode 7 or 8, that’s when you really, really you go to the depths of her character and really see how strong she is. Very independent. She’s obviously Ichabod Crane’s wife, but there’s so much more to that, than just that.

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Access: We got to see an Ichabod/Katrina kiss in the last episode. What was the reaction like from fans? It seemed a lot of hearts melted, and then, there were a few bits of jealousy out there (laughs).

Katia: (Laughs) Yeah… There was a lot of women [who were like], ’Do you realize how lucky you are?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, well, for Katrina maybe.’ But, it’s so awkward to shoot those scenes and Tom and I are friends, so it makes it even more awkward, you know? You just sort of get it done with and you don’t think about it. … They look really romantic on-screen, but it’s really not.

Access: Your hair and the clothes they put you in are romantic. Do you love it all or is it awful and annoying because there are bustles involved?

Katia: It is by no means comfortable — at all — to wear those layers, like four or five underskirts and it weighs a ton. [The] corset is so tight, it’s hard to breathe (laughs). You know, your cup size grows three sizes ‘cause they push you and pull you in, in all the right places, so it’s very flattering on a woman’s body, obviously. … It’s not comfortable, but it’s fun. … Actually, I have this dress special ordered from Italy [that] we’re using in this episode that we’re shooting now and it’s so beautiful. They’re really gorgeous, just the way it’s tailored… and also, that time period, it was so over the top with the hair and they went out and they were made up. You’re gonna see more of that and get to know more of the characters in their circle of friends from back then.

Access: In this coming episode… is Ichabod in quite a lot of danger?

Katia: Oh yeah. This episode he’s in the most danger he’s been in so far actually… he’s definitely putting his life on the line in this episode.

Access: You have scenes with Nicole [Beharie, who plays Lt. Abbie Mills] in Monday’s episode. What’s it like between Katrina and Abbie? And are there any sort of weird feelings on Katrina’s part because Abbie gets to be with Ichabod in the flesh — Katrina probably misses her hubby?

Katia: I think there’s definitely a part of that, but I don’t think she’s focusing on that at the moment. There’s so much other stuff going on. Her priority is to keep him safe and keep him alive and I think she’s grateful to Abbie for helping him, obviously, because she’s doing things for him that I’m not able to do because I’m stuck in this purgatory-land. So I think there’s more gratefulness towards her, but I’m sure there’s some maybe lingering jealous maybe, but… from my part [it] hasn’t been touched on yet. I think once you start to see the episodes between Katrina and Ichabod then you’ll understand the bond between them… because people haven’t really got to know the strength of their love yet. It’s been talked about, but people haven’t really seen it yet. Hopefully the fans will get to know that story more and [believe] in it, ‘cause I know a lot of people are like, ‘Abbie and Crane should get together!’

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Access: I personally am not rooting for that (presently).

Katia: Yay! Team Katrina

Access: Right now, Abbie seems more like a kind teacher or a relative.

Katia: They definitely have chemistry and there’s a strong bond between them, but it’s more like Agent Scully and Mulder and ‘The X Files’ type of friendship.

Access: Finally, let me ask you, are you in a purgatory yourself being away from foods from Sweden?

Katia: You know, it’s weird, whenever I go back that’s when I start eating things. I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I miss the cheese!’ We have amazing cheese in Sweden, actually. You wouldn’t think so, but we do (laughs). … So whenever I go back I just stuff myself. The first thing I do is I open the fridge and I’m at [my] mom’s and [it’s] like, ‘I haven’t had this in so long!’ And then I just eat for a day and then I’m over it.

Access: Does your mom know how successful the show is over here in America? Is she keeping an eye on it?

Katia: No, I mean it’s funny because it’s starting to spread in Sweden now. I think it’s gonna come out in Sweden next year, like spring maybe. Papers are starting to write about it, but there’s a lot of people downloading it already. And my mom went to work the other day (laughs) and one of her work colleagues is like treating her like she’s royalty now. She’s like, ‘It’s so weird. She heard that you were in ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and [she’s] following me everywhere now!’

Access: Hilarious. You are going to start getting autograph requests from your mom’s co-workers and their kids.

Katia: Yeah. People who like the show, really, really like the show. It’s such an enthusiastic response. They become like instantly, superfans. It’s nice to hear that’s happening in Sweden as well ‘cause my sister is only 18 and… her friends, they love that show.

“Sleepy Hollow” returns on Monday at 9/8c on Fox.

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