Sleepy Hollow: What To Expect In Fox’s Headless Horseman Drama With Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie

Fox’s new fall drama “Sleepy Hollow” is bringing the Headless Horseman into the 21st century.

The series follows a recently-revived-from-the-dead Ichabod Crane (“Parade’s End” star Tom Mison) as he teams up with Detective Abbie Mills (“Shame’s” Nicole Beharie) to fight off the Headless Horseman, who in this show is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In the premiere episode, which debuts September 16 at 9/8c on Fox, Det. Mills doesn’t want to believe a wild-eyed long haired man – Ichabod – has woken after a 250 year death sleep, but a series of events, and a secret from her own past (as well as a run in with a headless man in British military garb) — forces her into taking him at his word and creates their on screen partnership.

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During Fox’s portion of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday, Tom explained how Ichabod sees things from his perspective.

“I’ve always thought of Ichabod as he thinks he’s the only sane person in the room. Everyone around him is a maniac and then he finds this one girl who has a similar secret to him,” Tom said. “So they have to bond with each other very quickly and I think that’s going to be really interesting to follow throughout the season – that you see people who are put together out of necessity and they start working for a common aim, even though they are 250 years apart.”

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The series, from a celebrated team of producers, including Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who co-wrote and are executive producing “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and did “Alias” and “Hawaii Five-0”), Len Wiseman (“Men In Black,” “Independence Day”), Mark Goffman (“White Collar”) and Phillip Iscove, has a number of interesting mysteries for viewers to sink their teeth into.

And on Thursday, actor Orlando Jones, who plays Captain Frank Irving, said that in addition to the central mystery of the show, he’s intrigued to find out which side of morality his character will end up on.

“I’m really interested to see what the rest of the mythology of the apocalypse is. I don’t know if I’m good or bad right now,” he laughed. “So I’m going through that element of trying to figure out where I am and where I’m going. I’m really excited, though, about the mythology of it because I’ve always been that comic book nerd kid, so all of those elements, I think, I’m probably more in love with than I’ve previously been in love with in my television experience. I’m excited about that.”

In Tom’s case, he has a few mysteries on his plate, but the one that fascinates him is trying to save his wife, Katrina (Katia Winter).

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“I’m looking forward to the quest to try and rescue my wife from her purgatorial netherworld, which is something I haven’t done in my career,” he said. “You know, you’ve got that one aim, and then suddenly there’s the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, trying to get in your way. … That’s exciting. I can’t wait to find out how you bring someone back from the afterlife.”

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