‘Sleepy Hollow’s’ Nicole Beharie & Tom Mison Exchange Compliments, Talk Season 2

“Sleepy Hollow’s” Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison hit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Monday night for a special screening of their Fox show, and sneak peek at Season 2.

And with it being Emmy Awards campaign season, Access Hollywood asked the pair (on the red carpet) to reveal the moments their co-star impressed them most in the first season.

“I think the scenes where there’s genuine fear and worry and doubt, I think, if you don’t have the classiest of actors of doing it, it’ll fall flat on its face in a show that’s surrounded by monsters and chases and things,” Tom said, giving Nicole (Lt. Abbie Mills) a nice compliment. “Those scenes could so easily be lost. But, whenever I watch Nicole do those scenes, and it’s genuine and it’s real, it kind of inspires me to—”

“He makes faces,” Nicole chimed in, changing the subject (seemingly a little embarrassed at hearing Tom compliment her work). “He makes faces when I’m trying to work.”

“I’m just there behind the camera when it’s her shot… playing Angry Birds,” Tom joked.

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As for Nicole’s thoughts on Tom’s work, she said she was impressed with his how he delivered Ichabod Crane’s monologues that explained some of the show’s back stories.

“The truth is, Tom has an ability to sort of take things that could be a lot of exposition… very difficult language, historical information, lots of matter on the page, and turn it into like, this party and have us all sort of laughing. There are moments, I think, with the Paul Revere [story], where you made that really exciting for me,” Nicole said, turning to her co-star Tom. “It’s a story – I think it was fresh to you, being from the UK — but for me, I’d heard it like a million times… but you made it this really exciting thing and then, the sort of reuniting with Katrina [Crane, Ichaod’s wife], I thought was really romantic.”

“Sleepy Hollow” was a huge hit for Fox in its first season, and it inspired an enthusiastic fan base that the actors really took notice of while filming the drama in Wilmington, N.C.

“I love them all and it really, really helps that it started airing when we were halfway through shooting and we went to New York Comic-Con exactly half way through the shoot, and to see that people were responding in a positive way was such a boost during a really, really tough shoot,” Tom said.

PHOTOS: ‘Sleepy Hollow’s’ Nicole Beharie

“We had no idea,” Nicole added, referring to how the show took off with fans. “That’s the cool thing. We had no idea how people were going to feel about any of it.”

Fans are hooked on the drama and patiently waiting (since the show ended in January) to find out what’s next for Ichabod, who is trapped in a coffin, and Abbie, who is stuck in purgatory.

“I think there’s a lot to sort out there,” Nicole said of Abbie’s next challenge in “Sleepy Hollow” Season 2. “The rules in purgatory are they challenge you and go and look under your like, deepest darkest fears.”

And Season 2 will also be about getting the team back together, and less about how Ichabod gets out of the box.

“I think it’s more, how do we deal with the troubled relationship between Ichabod and Abbie now, because we’re both in dilemmas that it’s… kind of, hardly, Ichabod’s fault, so it’s a new approach to this very, very tight, close relationship,” Tom said.

“Sleepy Hollow” Season 2 returns September 22 on Fox.

-- Jolie Lash

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