Snoop Dogg Takes Inspiration From Ozzy For Reality TV Show

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 19, 2007) – Ozzy Osbourne’s done it, so has Hulk Hogan and Kiss front man Gene Simmons. Next month, rapper extraordinaire Snoop Dogg and his brood join the family reality TV show business too with “Dogg Father.”

On December 9 fans will get a chance to take a glimpse at the homelife of Snoop and his litter when his reality show premieres on E!.

“It is based on the life and times of Snoop Dogg, as well as me as a father, husband and the entertainer that I am,” Snoop told Access Hollywood Sunday night.

While Snoop himself doesn’t mind having cameras in the Dogg house, some of his pups are still adjusting to it.

“It don’t bother me . . . I have grown to get used to it but it is different for my family because they are not really used to seeing cameras in their face all the time. But it’s a growing experience,” he said. “They like certain aspects of it as far as they are gonna be stars. They like that part of it but as far as the work side of it they don’t like that.”

Apparently, it’s the ladies in Snoop’s life that dig the attention of the cameras the most.

“My sons, they don’t really care, but my daughter and my wife, they lovin’ it,” he said.

Snoop said he’s hoping to take cues from “The Osbournes” and keep the show going if it finds an audience.

“If it is a big hit, we are gonna come back and do what Ozzy Osbourne did,” he said. “You know break bread or fake dead, need to see the money man.”

One of the ways the multi-platinum selling rapper plans to keep fans interested in his show is to give them a real taste of what his life is really like.

“You ain’t gonna see that bull****,” Snoop said. “You gonna see some real stuff, you gonna see me doing what I do, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people don’t understand that I am a father. They don’t understand what goes into my life. They just think I’m a superhero. They think I go in the phone booth, get dressed and come out and save the day. So I am showing that I am actually a real person and I go through real things in life.”

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