Spencer Pratt On ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Walk Out: ‘I’m Too Rich & Too Famous To Be Sitting Here With These People’

Spencer Pratt has claimed the status of his fellow celebrities in the jungle led him to try and exit “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” twice — after just two days of filming.

After trekking to their camp in the Costa Rican jungle, the cast learned the rules of their temporary home, one of which required at least two members of the group to empty out the portable toilets each day.

Not long after learning the rule, Spencer stormed out of the filming area and was placed on a phone call with NBC programming executive Ben Silverman.

“I’m too rich and I’m too famous to be sitting with these people and cleaning up their s*** in the jungle, my man. And this cast is devaluing our fame right now. I’m sitting next to VH1 comedians that I have never even seen before… I thought it was gonna be all celebrities,” Spencer told Ben. “Stars of shows get treated like stars, dude. I’m f***ing supposed to be cleaning up John Salley’s s*** in a bucket? Dude! You’ve never cleaned up your own s*** let alone taken John Salley’s s*** to the creek, have you? Don’t throw me in the jungle and try and make me your little guinea pig torture act.”

Spencer eventually calmed down, and he and wife Heidi spent the night in the camp.

The next day, however, Spencer and Heidi attempted to leave camp again.

While they were gone, their fellow castmates, who had become annoyed by “The Hills” couple’s antics, decided to divvy up their belongings – former “American Idol” contender Sanjaya Malakar took their hammock, and wrestler Torrie Wilson played with Heidi’s dry shampoo.

Once they returned to the campsite, Angela Shelton, one half of comedy duo Frangela, explained to Spencer a little joke Torrie had made about the shampoo. While she was speaking, “The Hills” bad boy knocked a water bottle from the VH1 star’s hand.

“Spencer! Don’t hit me,” Angela stated as the moment grew tense.

“I didn’t hit you, I hit your water,” an angry Spencer responded. “I didn’t touch your hand I touched the water… How dare your disrespect my wife’s possessions like that.”

Spencer’s rant continued for several minutes and it ended with the reality star making animal-like sounds toward Angela, Frances Callier and Torrie.

“My husband is a very new Christian so he is working very hard on his temper and stuff, but I feel like with anyone, like with the momma bear, you mess with the cubs, you’re gonna get the wrath of the daddy bears,” a tearful Heidi said in a jungle confessional.

But later, Spencer hinted his antics may have been part of a plan to confuse his fellow celebrity jungle dwellers.

“We went into this whole show with the plan of making everybody just have no idea what to think about us — whether [we] are somebody they wanna make an alliance with or worthless,” he said in another confessional cam. “I don’t trust anybody right now. Janice [Dickinson] is my only pseudo alliance because I respect her and I like her, but right now it’s all about winning.”

After getting out their emotions on tape, Spencer apologized to the group and things continued as normal.

At one point however, as the couple talked privately to each other, Heidi revealed to her husband, “I was crying hysterically” during one of their attempts to leave.

“I don’t doubt it,” he replied. “First time your crying on TV is not fake.”

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