Staff Blog: A Day At Access (July 5, 2006)

#1 - 6:45 a.m. -- 11 days away from the office combined with a fairly slow news day and the shocking fact that our local Starbucks didn’t open its doors on time this morning. It’s easy to see why things are starting kind of slow today. I give it about an hour until everyone is firing on all cylinders. Maybe shorter if we can get in the video we just heard about of Bobby Brown getting booed and talking about his sex life with Whitney onstage at the Essence Music Festival in Houston. That kind of stuff gets the blood pumping quicker than a heavy handed barista.

Oh, and in case you’re still doubting Mendte’s First Law of Celebrity Breaking News (”The biggest news involving the biggest stars will break when it is the biggest hassle for people to come into the office to update the show”), I offer you the following proof…all occuring while Access was officially dark and on skeleton crew: Nicole Kidman gets married; Marcia Cross gets married; Star Jones Reynolds leaves The View; The Beatles/Cirque Du Soleil’s “LOVE” opens in Las Vegas with a huge premiere; Nick and Jessica’s divorce is finalized; David Hasselhoff has emergency surgery; Brad and Angelina have more stolen photograph drama; The New York Knicks draft a guy that no one’s ever heard of and they probably could have signed as a free agent 2 weeks later.

(Granted, that last bit of news probably wouldn’t have ended up on Access even if we were up and running, but it certainly got me riled up over the break. Nice going, Isiah.)

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