Stamos Teams Up With McSteamy On ?Wedding Wars?

Eric Dane of “Grey’s Anatomy” plays the straight, uptight brother to John Stamos’ fun loving gay character in the heartwarming story of one family’s struggle with gay marriage. “Hopefully it’ll get people talking about it,” Dane said of the nationwide issue. “It’s one piece in a long line of things that are going to have to go down to change that perspective, you know we’re talking about an entire country here.” Dane walked the windy red carpet with his wife Rebecca Gayheart. McSteamy’s blue-eyed brunette looked toned and tiny wearing a black Stella McCartney with matching Christian Louboutin pumps. But the petite star revealed she does eat, saying she couldn’t wait to get inside the theater with some warm popcorn. On the arrival line, Rebecca revealed to the press that now that her show ?Vanished? had been canceled she would take some time to rest and perhaps start a family. Eric Dane says “sure, of course!” to the possibility of starting a family with wife Rebecca Gayheart. Our Access producer actually broke the news to McSteamy that his wife of 2 years was thinking of having a baby soon. Dane was a little surprised at first, but revealed that Rebecca has all the power when it comes to expanding the Hollywood gene pool saying, “It’s up to her.”

John Stamos arrived looking dashing in a dark suit, and told us he didn’t think too much about taking on a gay role. And although there was only one man-to-man kiss written in the script, Stamos wasn’t shy about adding another because it felt right for the story. Stamos, who’s been credited with reviving NBC’s “ER”, remains humble about his impact on the 13th season of the hospital drama. “I don’t think I did it by myself. I think people realize the show is still great. “As for late night parties, TV?s two hottest docs say they’d rather focus on work. Stamos had a 6 AM call time at “ER” the next morning, while Eric Dane, who was scheduled for surgery on set at “Grey’s” the next day said, “I’m a good boy, it’s a school night so I’m gonna go home and study.”

“Wedding Wars” premieres Monday, December 11th, on A& E.

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