‘Star-Crossed’s’ Aimee Teegarden: Can Emery & Roman Be Together?

Budding interspecies love on “Star-Crossed” got very complicated in the show’s season premiere last week when Emery’s dad killed Roman’s father.

And, when The CW show picks up on Monday night, Aimee Teegarden said her character, Emery, will make a move to try and ease the pain of her high school crush, Matt Lanter’s Roman.

On Monday morning, Aimee explained why Emery thinks she can help the Atrian teen, even though it was her father who was involved in the incident, and whether the two species can really date.

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AccessHollywood.com: The first week of ‘Star-Crossed’ set up a lot of things, and then it ended with a huge, huge incident. How is Emery going to feel going forward? Her dad killed Roman’s dad!

Aimee Teegarden: Yeah, that’s kind of a big shocker. Emery, going forward, after she sort of finds out about it, Emery’s a fixer, so of course, she tries to fix the situation and explain to Roman that she’s there for him if he wants to talk or whatever, like all women do. And Roman, being of the male gender, shuts her out because he’s a boy and that’s what boys do. But there’s sort of a back and forth with Emery learning how to kind of cope with this situation. Emery, being in a hospital for most of her life – death is sort of a pretty regular thing to her, but this is sort of the first time [she’s] sort of really experiencing it through somebody else’s eyes that isn’t used to it.

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Access: Good point. What can she do to help him out?

Aimee: Throughout the season, there definitely is a lot more of a connection there. They sort of start to bridge the gap between the two worlds and it’s a little rocky and it is has its ups and downs, but it’s sort of the two of them fighting to be able to just be together.

Access: Do we even know if humans and Atrians can be a couple? There are some differences inside the Atrian body compared to ours.

Aimee: Are you referring to the comment [in the season premiere] of, ‘Atrians have three penises – small, medium and extra-large?’

Access: Actually, I just remember Matt telling me that they had two lungs and two hearts…

Aimee: As far as human and Atrian relationships, there is definitely a good bit of exploring [of the] biological compatibilities throughout the season. It’s very interesting and very fun and very sexy.

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Access: Are we going to find out that they do some of the same things humans do – do they like kissing, do they like holding hands?

Aimee: There’s some of that and then there’s some special Atrian abilities that kind of come through and you sort of get to know more about [them] – even with things like when they’re swimming, their tattoos, they glow blue because they’re from a water planet and so that was sort of a way of guiding themselves in the water when it’s dark. Yeah, there’s some interesting things that come to be discussed throughout the season.

“Star-Crossed” airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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