Star Jones’ Shocking First Day Surprise

As Star Jones prepared to kick off the next chapter in her career, Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent was there every step of the way.

And as Star kicked off the debut of herself titled new show on CourtTV, Tim was witnessed to a dramatic on-air surprise.

“I think jitters a good for your first day but I was really lucky. I had great guests — a wonderful interview with Isaiah Washington with stuff that no one had ever heard him talk about,” Star told Shaun after the show.

And as Isaiah helped Star kick off her new show, one innocent question led to a very surprising answer.

“I hear you talking about your mother, but I never hear you talking about your dad,” Star said to Isaiah.

“My father was murdered,” he answered.

But did Star have any idea the interview was about to take the dramatic turn?

“With that interview, I think that was a revelation that he talked about his father,” Tim noted.

“Absolutely,” Star said. “It was not a scripted question – not a planned question.”

During the on-air interview, Isaiah recounted the moment his life changed forever.

“It was the five o’clock news on Channel 13. it wad during the summer of 1976. I was 13 and the only reason I remembered that was because I heard the name ‘Isaiah Washington was murdered,’” Isaiah continued.

And what did Isaiah think of the question?

“After the interview, what did he say to you? Was he comfortable?” Tim asked Star.

“Absolutely. That is my whole goal when I sit down with anyone,” she explained.

After the show, Star was quick to point out how happy she is to have been given a second chance after her sudden departure from “The View” last year.

“What would you deem as your mistake?” Tim asked Star.

“I think I got intoxicated by celebrity and left my audience behind,” she revealed. “That is something that you can never do when you have been given the privilege of coming into people’s homes.”

Star’s new show airs weekdays at 3:00 PM on CourtTV.

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