Star Jones: There’s No Drama With Barbara Walters Following ‘View’ Interview

When Star Jones returned to “The View” earlier this month – marking her first appearance on the show since she left amid headlines six years ago — it prompted another bout of media attention as the ladies revisited the drama regarding her departure. But on Tuesday, Star told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin she left with no hard feelings.

“Stressful situations happen in workplaces all the time,” Star told Jill on the red carpet at the American Heart Associations “Go Red” for women movement event on Tuesday in New York City. “The big important note from that is manage the stress, recognize it in the moment and then get rid of it. Grown women know how to act when you have a different agenda.”

During Star’s “View” appearance, the women tried to probe the television host about how she left “The View” six years ago with a surprise announcement for her co-stars on the day she was leaving.

When Jill asked if Star had expected the style of questioning she received from her former “View” co-hosts last Wednesday, Star said she actually did.

“Girl, I was on ‘The View’ for nine years. There is nothing that surprises me,” she said.

When Jill asked Star if she thought Barbara Walters would apologize for the line of questioning some reports characterized as an “ambush,” Star said she and Barbara are fine.

“She doesn’t need to apologize — that’s your problem, that’s their problem, that’s not our problem,” Star said.

In fact, Star said she was thankful Barbara came out on Tuesday to support her at the American Heart Association event.

“It means more to me than probably anything that’s going on in this room,” Star said of Barbara attending Tuesday’s event. “Heart disease kills more woman than any other disease, and there’s no question that Barbara and I have had ups and downs over the years.

“But you know what? Being gracious doesn’t cost you any money, so it’s OK to just call it ‘ups and downs,’” Star continued. “But the best part of this ‘up,’ is we’ve united to help other women and that’s what she taught me. Under no circumstances will anyone ever get me to trash what she gave to me. What she gave to me got me into a place where I have a platform to advocate for women, so thank you Barbara and thank you for coming.”

Later on the red carpet, Barbara told Jill she enjoyed her former co-host’s “View” return.

“I think it was wonderful for Star and wonderful for us and I think everybody was very happy,” Barbara said.

Barbara went on to note that they had no regrets about the interview last week.

“We were very happy to have her. All the women were extremely gracious,” Barbara said.

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