Star Jones Wants Rosie’s View

Rosie O’Donnell has lashed out at a number of people over the years. In March of 2006, the lashee was Star Jones and in particular, her “View” predecessor’s incredible weight loss.

“I just don’t think, being a fatty myself, I don’t think you can lose over a hundred pounds doing pilates,” O’Donnell said.

At the time, Rosie was commenting on Star’s significant weight loss, which the former “View” lady wasn’t spilling the secrets on.

O’Donnell’s little comment certainly didn’t help things between her and Star, but more than a year later, it appears Star may be ready to forgive all as she extends a big invitation to Rosie.

“I could do so many ideal first guests, anybody from Michael Jackson, to Don Imus, to Rosie O’Donnell,” Star told Access.

Yes, you have that correct – a much more studious-looking Star Jones-Reynolds wants Rosie O’Donnell on her new Court TV talk show – “The Star Jones Show.”

The personal invite would put the two ladies face-to-face for the first time since reports surfaced of a bitter feud.

“I actually don’t have a turbulent past with Rosie,” Star explained to Access. “That’s a very interesting thing — the world thinks that there was this big feud. There was never a feud at all.”

In fact, it’s Rosie’s outspokenness that is behind Starr’s guest request.

“Rosie’s provocative and smart and in your face and no, I don’t agree with everything she says but I would love to have her sit down and talk current events with me and go toe-to-toe,” Jones-Reynolds said. “If nothing else, that’s going to be good television.”

In related Star news, in the coming weeks, expect the thinned down star to finally reveal the truth about her weight loss.

“By the time we go on the air, every question you might have had, you’ll have answers to,” she said.

In fact, Star has dished on her weight loss to Glamour magazine. All her secrets will be revealed in their September issue.

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