Star Summer Jobs, Part 1

When Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent was growing up in London, he spent his summers working as a Victorian chimney sweep.

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere. So with that, Access Hollywood takes a look at where some of Hollywood’s biggest stars spent their summers working.

Long before she was lighting up the red carpet, the lovely Eva Mendes donned a very different kind of outfit.

“I worked at the Glendale Galleria’s Hot Dog on a Stick,” Eva revealed to Access Hollywood. “It really wasn’t that long ago.”

Just around the corner from Hollywood, but a long way from her current glamorous fashionista status, Eva wore the red, yellow and white uniform making lemonade and hot dogs with the rest of them.

“It’s very exciting. We found out because her father came and told us,” Hot Dog on a Stick manager Joanna Munguia told Access Hollywood.


Meanwhile, over in London “Pirates” star Orlando Bloom made his first paycheck working on a shooting range.

“I was a clay trapper,” he told us. “You’d have these gentlemen who’d go shooting and I’d pull back the arm on a clay trap machine. Put in clay discs, let them go and they’d fly off. I’d let them go and they’d shoot them out of the sky.”

Of course, the cash was a far cry from his current multi-million dollar paydays in Hollywood.

“Not very well paid, not back then,” he laughed. “For me it was very well paid. I was kind of young and it was my first job. So any money was good money at that point.”


Long before he was chasing down the bad guys on “Law & Order: SVU,” Christopher Meloni was busy seeing dead people.

“I worked as a surgical orderly. One of my jobs was taking dead people out of the refrigerator and putting them on the morgue slabs,” Meloni told Access. “I’ve had a kinship with dead people since I was 16.”

Christopher, you are the winner of the Grizzliest Summer Job.


Years before he was mugging for the camera as Dunder-Mifflin’s top salesman, “Office” star John Krasinski spent his teen years working with kids as a camp counselor at Camp Chickami in Boston.

“I had a summer job that I loved,” John said. “I was like 16 and I was somehow given the responsibility of the 13-year-olds. So we were just a couple years apart from probably hanging out and I had to be like ‘no don’t do that.’ And then I’d go do it. It was this weird bizarre thing where I probably could have been beaten up by half of them and it was a really fun. It was a fun summer.”


Garry Marshall has made a career out of knocking ‘em dead, but in his first job, his subjects were dead long before they got to him.

“I was a fox face stuffer for 65 cents an hour,” Marshall told us. “In the old days, women wore fox stoles. They wore with a fox face. You sat in a room, they gave you some cardboard and you took the cardboard and put it in the face of the fox.”

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