Star Summer Jobs: The Good, The Bad & The Stinky

If it doesn’t work out with “America’s Got Talent,” Piers Morgan always has something to fall back on.

“I had a summer job where I had to spend the entire summer bagging mushroom compost,” Piers told Access Hollywood.

Of course, Piers isn’t the only one with one of those memorable summer gigs. Then again, it appears some were better than others.

Just a word of warning to all restaurant goers, if you ever go to check your coat and see Debra Messing waiting to take it from you, you might want to just hold on to it for awhile. The former “Will & Grace” star spent a summer as a coat check girl, but all did not go as smoothly as planned.

“I got all the tags mixed up and had the people come in and find their coats. I trusted they were taking the right coat,” she laughed.


Forget being in a stuffy coat check room, when Kevin Costner looked for summer employment, he hit the great outdoors.

“I guess my best summer job was when I was in college. I worked on fishing boats up north,” the “Mr. Brooks” star revealed. “I would start in Eureka and work all the way up to Canada. That’s how I made my dough.”


And while working with fish most likely didn’t leave Costner smelling like roses, the award for stinkiest summer job definitely goes to Diddy.

“My worst summer job was pumping gas. Wait no, I cleaned bathrooms at El Torito. It was a Mexican restaurant. I was a bus boy there too,” the music mogul told Access.


While Patrick Dempsey made his McDreamy mark on “Grey’s Anatomy” juggling women, back in the day, the good doctor had his hands full in a different way.

“I was always performing and working. I was doing juggling and comedy during my summer breaks,” Patrick said.

He also had a short stint working for his dad in a recycling center at the age of 13.

“My dad did have a redemption center where you had to bring the bottles in and you know organize them. So that is what I was doing sometimes during the summer,” he added.


Johnny Drama is forever on the lookout for his next gig on “Entourage,” but for Kevin Dillon, his old summer gigs were always coming up roses.

“I worked in a nursery. No, not that kind of nursery. Like plants and watering plants,” Kevin said.

In fact, he was the prized employee of New York’s Larchmont Nursery owner Joanne Grossman.

“Kevin started when he was maybe nine,” Joanne told Access. “First he started playing and climbing trees, then he started working and helping customers. He loves people, he loves plants, he loves flowers.”

“It was good memories,” Kevin recalled. “I’d sell Christmas trees and freeze out there with a little barrel with a fire. It was great.”


And if you thought working for Daniel Meade involved a lot of hot air on “Ugly Betty,” that’s nothing compared to America Ferrera’s old summer gig.

“The worst job I ever had was blowing up balloons,” American said. “Not myself, but with the helium thing and they would pop in your face. Back then, me and my best friend always tried to wear really long acrylic nails and we would pop the balloons ourselves.”

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