Star Wars Episode 7 – Things Disney Should Not Do

Now that the dust has settled on Tuesday’s galactic-sized announced that the Walt Disney Company will acquire Lucasfilm and then release a seventh “Star Wars” film in 2015 (with more to follow!), there is Rancor-sized speculation about what “Episode 7” will be about, but first let’s go over what we hope it’s not about.

No Elderly Han, Leia & Luke!: As much as we love the original three films, the thought of seeing Harrison Ford, 70, Carrie Fisher, 56, and Mark Hamill, 61, going head-to-head with Sith lords and leftover Stormtroppers makes us want to throw ourselves into the Sarlacc Pit with Boba Fett. If you must, give the original trio a nod, maybe use some cool Jedi blue ghost flashbacks, but please do not insert them into the new films.

Talent Trumps A-List Names: A new “Star Wars” movie does not need a big Hollywood name attached to it! We’d love for Disney to go with a cast of strong, new talent over A-List names. Good ideas and amazing actors will go further than having “starring Robert Patttinson” in the opening credits. Sorry RPattz, no lightsaber for you!

Don’t Scrimp On The Director: After shelling out $4.05 billion for Lucasfilm, we hope Disney’s spending spree continues. Please don’t go cheap when it comes to selecting a director. We hope the studio follows in its “The Avengers” footsteps and goes with a helmer who, not only loves the “Star Wars” universe, but also someone who goes big and bold and maybe isn’t afraid to shake things up. Names we’d be happy to see in the opening credits: Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, J.J. Abrams, Catherine Hardwicke, Peter Jackson, Rian Johnson… dare we even say Steven Spielberg?

Cut The Cute: Sorry Jake Llyod and Jar Jar Binks, we are looking at you! Galactic civil wars are messy, complicated, bloody, tragic and horrific – so keep it that way! Dancing Ewoks, silly sidekicks, and re-edited sequences where the good guy doesn’t shoot first (poor Greedo will never live that one down!) have no place in future movies. We’d even love to see a PG-13 rating on the next movie.

Keep Us Guessing!: The first six films chronicled the journey of the hero , so this time throw us something completely unexpected. We’d love for the new story – which according to E! News, will be a completely original tale – to do as so many small screen gems (“Homeland,” “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”) do each week, completely floor us! Take us somewhere we never thought a TIE Fighter/X-Wing/Imperial Star Destroyer could go!

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-- Jesse Spero

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