Stars React To Golden Globe Nominations

The biggest stars in movies and TV sound off to Access Hollywood about their nominations for the 64th annual Golden Globe Awards:

“What a great wake-up call. I couldn’t be more honored. This film has been an extraordinary experience for me and my family and having the opportunity to work alongside my son Jaden was one of the great joys of my life.”

- Will Smith, nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for “The Pursuit of Happyness”

“I am extremely honored. I’m very proud as well for my fellow writers as well as our director Larry Charles, and our producer Jay Roach, and am very thankful for the HFPA’s belief and acknowledgment of our film. I have been trying to let Borat know this great news but for the last 4 hours both of Kazakhstan’s telephones have been engaged. Eventually, Premier Nazarbayev answered and said he would pass on the message as soon as Borat returned from Iran, where he is guest of honor at the Holocaust Denial Conference.”

? Sacha Baron Cohen, nominated for Best Comedy/Musical and Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for “Borat”

“I am very pleased and honored to be nominated and I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press very much for thinking of me. I would also like to thank everyone who worked on ‘Venus’ as they share this honor with me.”

? Peter O’Toole, nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for “Venus”

“I am absolutely thrilled and stunned.” It’s humbling to be nominated amongst such great company and for two projects that are so different. I’m honored to be recognized by the international community.”

? Chiwetel Ejiofor, nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for “Kinky Boots” and Best Actor in a TV Movie or Mini-Series for “Tsunami, The Aftermath”

“I am so thrilled! It is an honor to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press and with such a distinguished group of actresses.”

? Marcia Cross, nominated for Best TV Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “Desperate Housewives”

“I am incredibly grateful that the HFPA has been able to see past my sinister deeds as the deliciously wicked Barbara Covett by acknowledging my work. This is also recognition of Patrick Marber?s thrilling screenplay, Richard Eyre?s impeccable direction, the ever-astonishing Cate Blanchett and Bill Nighy, and our incredible cast and crew. I am proud to be in the same company as Penelope, Maggie, Helen, and Kate.”

- Judi Dench, nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for “Notes On A Scandal”

“It’s Exciting and flattering that the Hollywood Foreign Press has acknowledged all the hard work that went in to ‘Dreamgirls.’ I am happily humbled and honored.”

- Eddie Murphy, nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Dreamgirls

“I am thrilled to bits. Couldn’t be more delighted. I am already planning to arouse comment, perhaps even scandal, with my choice of bow-tie. Oh heck I don’t know. What’s a chap supposed to say? Let’s find out what Keifer says and try and say it just before him.”

? Hugh Laurie, nominated for Best Actor in a TV Drama for “House”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled than to have the film honored in this way. It is an encouraging sign for challenging, provocative filmmaking. I’m so appreciative to the HFPA for recognizing ‘Little Children’ and my work.”

? Kate Winslet, nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for “Little Children,” which is also nominated for Best Picture Drama

“Being a part of ‘Dreamgirls,’ and working with a director as wonderful as Bill Condon, was an opportunity of a lifetime for me, enabling me to
grow as an actress. To be nominated in two categories… is an honor that I graciously accept. I am so happy for the accolades being given to the movie as a whole. I was thrilled to work with Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx, and I am happy to share these nominations with fellow nominees Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy.”

? Beyonce Knowles, nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “Dreamgirls” and Best Original Song for “Listen”

“Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am thrilled and happy and can’t wait for THAT BIG FABULOUS PARTY!”

? Meryl Streep, nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “The Devil Wears Prada”

“I am very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for their recognition. ‘Flags of Our Fathers’ and ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’ are projects that I hold very dear and I am thrilled that the members of the HFPA share my enthusiasm for these two movies.”

? Clint Eastwood, nominated for Best Director for “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima”

“I am so pleased this morning to be nominated along with my fellow actors in ‘Babel’ for a Golden Globe. I am very proud of this film and I congratulate Alejandro, Rinko, Adriana and Cate as well. As a producer with Plan B, I’d also like to congratulate Annette Bening and all the nominees from ‘The Departed.’”

? Brad Pitt, the star of “Babel,” nominated for Best Picture Drama. Plan B studios also produced “The Departed” and Benning’s “Running With Scissors”

“I am honored that the HFPA chose to nominate me in the company of such fine actors. I take this as recognition and acknowledgement of the work of Allen Coulter and the amazingly talented cast and crew that helped to bring George Reeves’ story to life. The Golden Globes are a great party and my enthusiasm for going this year is tempered only by the knowledge of how much George would have loved to be there. I’m sorry he missed it.”

? Ben Affleck, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for “Hollywoodland”

“I am thrilled that ‘Bobby’ has been recognized with this Golden Globe nomination. This film has been a labor of love for me and everyone involved, especially our amazing cast. The Hollywood Foreign Press has been a wonderful supporter of ‘Bobby’ since our spectacular first screening in Venice, Italy and I am grateful for this recognition and acknowledgement.”

? Emilio Estevez, who stars in “Bobby,” nominated for Best Picture Drama

“That was the best 5:20 AM wake up call I have ever had! Now all I need is the gown, a spray tan and some botox and I?ll be gold!”

? Julia Louis-Dreyfus, nominated for Best Actress in a TV Comedy/Musical for “The New Adventures of Old Christine”

“I am extremely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for acknowledging ‘The Departed’ — especially the great work of the actors and screenwriter, Bill Monahan. And then, to have the added pleasure of a nomination for myself. It made waking up early well worthwhile.”

? Martin Scorsese, nominated for Best Director for “The Departed,” which is also up for Best Picture Drama

“The opportunity alone to work with Marty and my co-stars was a privilege, but it’s an honor to see that our work has been recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with so many nominations.”

? Mark Wahlberg, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for"The Departed”

“I?m ecstatic about my nomination and feel that the entire cast and crew of Studio 60 is directly responsible for my being recognized and I couldn?t have done it without them.”

-- Sarah Paulson, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie or Mini Series for “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip”

“I’m both humbled and honored to have been nominated for this award. It is a privilege to be mentioned in the same breath with actors like Peter O’Toole, Will Smith and Forest Whitaker. I’m grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for their recognition, and want to deeply thank my friends Marty Scorsese and Ed Zwick for their extraordoinary work as directors.”

? Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for “Blood Diamond” and “The Departed”

“I’m extremely fortunate and honored to receive a nomination from the HFPA for the second year in a row. But I?m not going to lie. I?ll be pissed if I don?t win.”

? Will Ferrell, nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for “Stranger Than Fiction”

“Thank you to the HFPA for the delightful early morning phone call! I am honored to be included and I’m thrilled that our film has been so warmly received. Thank you so much.”

? Renee Zellweger, nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “Miss Potter”

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