Stars React To Vice Presidential Debate

As millions tuned in to watch the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Thursday night – Hollywood also got in on the act.

From Bill Maher to Eva Longoria and Rob Lowe, celebrities all seemed to have something to ramble about on Twitter about the debate.

Kevin Nealon: “Biden and Ryan could never work together as synchronized swimmers. #VPDebate.”

Eva Longoria: “Every channel declaring a Biden victory! Biden def delivered the facts tonight and held Ryan accountable for the lies! #TeamJoe”

Bill Maher: “Biden is hitting in on answer all the things Obama left out in the entire first 90 minute debate”

Sarah Hyland: “Paul Ryan’s pin is bigger than Biden’s. Debates Fact.”

Kat Dennings: “Paul Ryan comes off like a 5-year-old under a tree telling his friends what the rules of tag are. Debate.”

Olivia Wilde: '’@MiaFarrow: Biden kicked ass Ryan twerp I love you Martha Raddatz’. Word.”

Bill Rancic: “Wow…what a battle we are watching tonight in this debate.”

Charlie Daniels: “I didn’t see but a little bit of the debate but Biden came off as Condescending to me.”

Elizabeth Reaser: “Need to party with Biden.”

Meghan McCain: “This debate is blood sport. Crossfire style. Don’t know how this will change swing voters minds….enjoying Martha though.”

Rob Lowe: “Was that a ‘You’re no Jack Kennedy’ moment from Ryan?

Dane Cook: “They need to play The Little Rascals theme music underneath this debate.”

Lisa Ling: “Good and feisty debate. Both represented their sides well.”

Samantha Bee: “I’m listening to the debate on the radio so I can’t see anything. Biden’s wearing leather pants, right? Please say yes.”

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