Stephen Moyer & Kevin Alejandro Share ‘True Blood’ Trivia-Worthy Secrets

By now, most fans of “True Blood” know a few details regarding the personal lives of the show’s stars – like how Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are married. But the show is actually filled with dozens of more quiet references to the stars, details Access Hollywood uncovered at Comic-Con.

For starters, in Episode 2, which aired on the HBO drama just a few weeks ago, the scene that sees Stephen’s character, Bill, in a flashback in time, set in London in the early 1980s, was inspired by the Essex-bred star’s own life.

“That was fun,” Stephen grinned, when Access asked about the moment, penned by longtime “True Blood” writer Brian Buckner.

The episode featured Stephen, with spiky, Sid Vicious style hair, and a leather jacket, hanging out with punk rockers.

“I had a sort of a punk leaning. I was more of a mod,” Stephen explained. “Actually, 1982, I was into The Jam. I was bit young for The Jam, but I just followed them obsessively. But it was really great. And I live very near Camden when I’m in London and that’s set in Camden.”

Stephen went on to reveal that Episode 1 of Season 4 also pays homage to his own life.

“There’s a character in Episode 1, called Emery, which is my real name, Stephen Emery, and that was written by Alex Woo and he put that character in there. The name of the holding company that buys Sookie’s house is AIK, and that is the name of Alex’s (Skarsgard) favorite football team — that’s their initials. There’s all sorts of [stuff] in there.”

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Jesus Velasquez, shared another little known “True Blood”-related trivia. Nelsan Ellis, who plays his Bon Temps boyfriend Lafayette, was once a student of Season 4 newcomer, Fiona Shaw, who plays the witch Marnie.

“It’s funny because Nelsan went to Juilliard and Fiona was one of the guest teachers,” Kevin told Access at the Wired Café at Comic-Con over the weekend. “It was like several years later they end up working together on the same show.”

“True Blood” airs Sunday night’s on HBO at 9 PM ET/PT.

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