Steven Tyler: I’ve Spent $5-6 Million On Drugs

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler believes he has spent millions on drugs over the years.

Asked by Australia’s “60 Minutes” if the rumors – that he’s spent $20 million on drugs — are true, Steven shared his impression of the more accurate financial figure.

“No, probably, realistically 5 or 6 [million], easy,” he said. “But it doesn’t matter. You could also say I’ve snorted half of Peru. It’s what we did.”

Steven said he and Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s guitarist, still live up to their reputation as the “toxic twins.”

“We still are – we still can be toxic,” he said. “We fight toxically, we play toxically.”

In 2011, ahead of his gig as a judge on “American Idol,” a sober Steven opened up about how he stayed high, drug free.

“If you think going out in front of high-def cameras and millions of people I’m not high on adrenaline, you’re crazy,” he told People of his “American Idol” natural “high” in 2011. “I’m stoned when that curtain drops — I just don’t snort the curtain dropping.

“I don’t snort J. Lo either, though I do breathe her in,” he added of this then fellow “Idol” judge, Jennifer Lopez.

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