Strike Back: Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton On Season 3’s Stunts & The New Threat

Cinemax’s action-packed series “Strike Back” returns for its third season this Friday night and there will be some new faces, more bad guys and, of course, our hunky heroes – Stonebridge and Scott.

British actor Robson Green joins as Colonel Philip Locke, a high-ranking official in Section 20, the group that sends out Philip Winchester’s Michael Stonebridge and Sullivan Stapleton’s Damien Scott to take on the world’s bad guys.

“Basically Robson came in and changed Section 20,” Philip told of their new co-star.

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“[He] made it more interesting and fun,” Sullivan added.

Also on board is Milauna Jackson, who plays Kim Martinez, a DEA agent who crosses paths with the boys.

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Milauna had to do a lot of training for her role, which sees her in heavy combat situations.

“It was a lot of pressure because I’m thinking, ‘OK, they’re vets, this is Season 3. I’m the one that’s gotta come in and really show that I’m ready to handle this,’” she said.

“She kicked ass,” Sullivan said. “She stepped up and… killed it.”

So while fans can expect Robson to bring a little fun and Milauna to bring more action, there’s some serious danger on the way thanks to the new bad guy – the mysterious al-Zuhari.

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“[He’s] the lead bad guy,” Philip said. “[He’s] incredibly dangerous… and he’s got a lot of people working under him, and, typical to ‘Strike Back,’ there’s kind of the pyramid scheme of bad guys. There’s the guy at the top that we want to find, and then there’s all the people below.”

Once again, Philip and Sullivan both did many of their own stunts that fans will see in the new season.

“There was a few times this year where, literally, Sully and I were the ones who were hooking each other up to a stunt that if it went wrong, you would’ve died. You don’t get hurt, you die,” Philip said. “There was a thing called a sky hook, where a helicopter comes in and drops a line down, we have full webbing on and full rigs, we click a [hook] into our rig and the helicopter flies out and the only people who checked each other’s safety was Sully and I.”

To get in tip top shape to continue play the Section 20 operatives, Philip and Sullivan had to stick to a strict diet and workout routine.

“It’s relentless,” Philip said of their diet, which included chicken, broccoli and brown rice “every two hours.”

Sullivan also had to start training for his new film, “300: Rise of an Empire.”

“I’d be at pub or something like that or learning lines for ‘Strike Back,’ and he’d be out there sword fighting in the lobby or doing stuff, bear crawls,” Philip said.

“Strike Back” returns to Cinemax on August 9 at 10 PM.

-- Jolie Lash

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