Sugarland Talk Going Bluegrass With Beyonce For AMAs

One of the highlights of Sunday night’s American Music Awards was the bluegrass collaboration of “Irreplacable” --between country band Sugarland and Beyonce.

According to Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer of Sugarland, the special performance happened thanks to a little wishful thinking and a helpful record label person.

“[A rep] at the label, Universal, found out we play this song live,” Nettles said. “Just for fun we said, ‘What if we took this song and made it bluegrass? Could it work?’… We play it live in our show every night and [the rep] knew that we did that and obviously called the right folks … [Beyonce] heard it, she got to see a video of our performance of it and loved it, and said, ‘Yes! Let’s do it!”

Sugarland and Beyonce had a handful of rehearsals together before Sunday night’s performance, giving them a chance to get to each other before the broadcast.

“She is so talented and so grounded,” Jennifer said. “We obviously did some rehearsing ahead of time and in her dressing room . . . there were a couple of times where I was starting to blush. She was looking at me and I felt like I was gonna turn to stone, or something, in her beauty — she is just a beautiful person inside and out.”

Beyonce-blushing aside, if you’re wondering why Sugarland decided to cover “Irreplacable” in the first place, Jennifer tackled that question last night.

“You know what? I think the good thing about a good song is that it can be played in whatever genre,” Jennifer explained. “It’s well written, this song is well structured, and obviously, it crosses over.”

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