Suits: Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres Preview Season 3 Conflicts & The Big Case

“Suits” returns to USA tonight for its Season 3 premiere and things are just as tense at the law firm as when they left off, especially between Jessica Pearson, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is still furious that Jessica (Gina Torres) used his own associate, Mike (Patrick J. Adams), to win their bet and secure the merger with Edward Darby’s (Conleth Hill) British firm. But, Gina said Jessica sees things differently. Jessica was motivated by trying to keep the troubled firm above water.

“Jessica’s been at it long enough to be able to separate personal and business,” she said when USA flew outlets, including up to the show’s Toronto set late last month. “[Harvey’s] so reactive. … His decisions are so emotional and she’s like, ‘I’m trying to save my firm, dude. … Let’s get flushed and then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do. And he can’t see it that way.”

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Harvey is also still angry with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) for not coming to him during the Season 2 finale when Jessica blackmailed him in order to win her bet to merge with Darby’s British firm. Asked if in Season 3, the bromance is over, Patrick hinted a rocky and uncertain road awaits.

“I don’t ever wanna change what works about this show, which is that you have this young kid who’s trying [to] make his way and… this older pro who’s really showing him the ropes and kind of gives him a hard time,” Patrick said. “That being said, I think any show, in order to survive and keep people’s interest, [it] needs to grow and evolve.

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“Mike needs to grow up kind of every season a little bit more,” he added. “This year, he’s not a young a young guy anymore and he’s been here long enough to know how the world works. So, the bromance, I think, is just changing.”

Meanwhile, Mike may have started – or ended – something with Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) following their steamy romp and his admission (that he never went to Harvard, or law school) at the end of Season 2.

Office and personal relationships aside, there’s a big new case coming to the firm, courtesy of Darby, who brings in a new client – oil company boss Ava Hessington (played by “Game of Thrones” actress Michelle Fairley). Harvey gets assigned the case and almost immediately it presents problems.

“He’s not getting all the information out of her straight away,” Gabriel said.

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Patrick said the case involving Ava becomes a big focus on this season of USA’s “Suits.”

“It’s a big deal. … It’s sort of the big case of the season,” he said. “Like anything, the case itself is not the focus of what we’re doing all the time, but really what it’s exposing [is] the relationships on the show,” he said. “So a big part of what we’re dealing with this season is obviously Harvey being very upset about the merger with Darby and so it’s really about revealing a lot of these insecurities that exist between him, Jessica… and it’s about loyalty and [Mike’s] loyalty to Harvey and where Mike’s gonna stand.”

“Suits” returns for its third season tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.

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