‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’: 4 Things To Expect

“Supernatural’s” Sam and Dean Winchester head to the Windy City on Tuesday night for a very special episode of the show, titled “Bloodlines” — an episode producers hope will pave the way to a spinoff on The CW’s 2014-2015 scheduled.

“Bloodlines,” penned by “SPN” writer Andrew Dabb, will follow Sam and Dean to Chicago, but introduce a host of new characters, including Ennis Roth, a hunter-in-the-making, played by UK “Skins” alum Lucien Laviscount. Fans will also meet several members of monster mobster families, who have their own struggles, like David (Nathaniel Buzolic).

Dabb spoke with AccessHollywood.com about the set-up of the “Bloodlines” episode and potential “SPN” spinoff, and why the show will be accessible for all TV fans.

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Dean Winchester’s quip (in the promos), ‘What is this, ‘The Godfather’ with fangs?’ sums up the show: “I think it’s probably about as accurate a description of a show you can get in a line. … The idea for us was, ‘Supernatural’ is very much a road show and very much Sam and Dean, kind of on the road, small town to small town,” Dabb said, explaining that the producers decided to set the planted/backdoor pilot that they hope will pave the way to a spinoff, in a city. “How would a hunter act in the city? Because Sam and Dean can roll into a town, flash a fake FBI badge and they’re out before anyone notices that they’re lying, but if you’re in a city, you can’t do that. You can do it once, but after that, they’re going to know who you are because you’re seeing the same people over and over again. We started to talk about how would hunters act in the city, which led us to the conversation, well, how will monsters act differently in the city, because if you’re a monster and you’re moving from small town to small town, you can kill one, two people. Then you’ve got to move on, because people will know who you are. … If you’re in a city, you can feed, and if you’re smart about it, you don’t have to go anywhere. Chicago has three million people. So if you stay, it would make sense that you would form a family. And then, monster families kind of led us to the mob model, which led us to the five families, and it all kind of came together pretty organically,” Dabb explained of the genesis of “Bloodlines.”

Who is Ennis Roth? Is he already a hunter?: “He’s not a hunter yet, he has no idea about the supernatural world when we first meet him. The idea is that by the end of this episode, he’s kind of made that big choice… he’s going to kind of follow this life and become a hunter, but the fun of Ennis going forward, should we have the opportunity to go forward, is, Sam and Dean, by the time we met them in the [‘Supernatural’] pilot, they were some of the best hunters on earth, if not the best hunters on earth, because they’d been in it their entire lives,” Dabb said. “Ennis, coming off of the pilot has got like five silver bullets and Google. He doesn’t have much. It’s not that he’s not capable, [but] there’s going to be a bigger learning curve for him and we think that’ll be really fun to see because we haven’t really seen that with any hunters.”

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On the different types of monsters in “Bloodlines”: “Right now we’re kind of doing the five families model, so you’ve got werewolves, you’ve got shape shifters, you’ve got Jinn, you’ve got ghouls and you’ve got sirens — those are kind of the five families we’re focusing on,” Dabb said. But, don’t expect to meet them all in Tuesday’s episode. “We only really meet two of those families, and some of those are going to be revealed more in series,” Dabb told Access. “That’s kind of the fun of it is, this is something where the odds are really stacked against him and not only him, but as we’ll see in the monster families, we’ve got monsters who want to change things, monsters who are sympathetic, monsters who aren’t blindly obedient, but the deck’s stacked against them too.”

Which Monsters Aren’t ‘Blindly Obedient’?: “The David character, the Violet character, even to an extent, David’s sister, Margot, some other characters who find themselves kind of fighting against this establishment because there is a monster establishment in this city,” Dabb said. “These monster families have been here for hundreds of years — since the founding of the city. Some of these monster families are incredibly well connected. They’re in the upper echelons of power, they’re major campaign contributors, so they really kind of control a lot of stuff and again, the odds are really stacked against our heroes, but the fact that they can overcome that is what makes them heroes.”

The “Bloodlines” episode of “Supernatural” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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