Supernatural: Felicia Day Previews Charlie’s Return & The Wizard Of Oz Twist

Felicia Day returns to “Supernatural” tonight as Charlie, helping Sam and Dean Winchester with a little trouble that comes by way of Oz.

“This episode, when I got it, I was like, ‘Wait! What?’ And I was so incredibly excited,” Felicia told of her return. “This episode is pretty amazing and I was thrilled and even if I weren’t in the episode, I would be thrilled to watch it. [I’m] so just honored to be a part of ‘Supernatural’ meeting ‘Oz.’”

Felicia explained that Charlie comes in to help out the Winchester boys, as the world of Oz is unleashed.

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“Charlie is called there to sort of fix this computer, or sort of access this computer that’s in the Men of Letters, which is very cool, and then, through a series of mishaps, [it] is revealed that Dorothy and the Wicked Witch have been sort of entrapped in the Men of Letters in spaces kind of, so that’s kind of the… incident that the guys have to deal with and Charlie helps.”

No ruby red slippers and Toto dogs, the “Supernatural” Dorothy has a 1930s feel, Felicia told Access.

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“Dorothy is a character in this episode and she’s really fun,” Felicia said. “She’s a really sort of a straight forward kind of girl from the ‘30s, which I think is a really neat twist on the traditional Dorothy. She’s really strong and she comes from that sort of screwball sort of Amelia Earhart world, which I really always loved as a kid to watch all those black and white movies.”

Expect Charlie’s fangirl side to go aflutter when she meets Dorothy, but she’ll play it cool for the sake of the Winchesters.

“The guys have seen it all. They can’t be fazed that much, but Charlie is at heart a fangirl and this is a world that she grew up on in a way. She’s very familiar with it, like we all are, and to see like a living legend come to life, and in such a different way as well — I think it’s really fun to see through her eyes,” Felicia said. “It just blows her mind. It’s crazy… and there’s some really interesting lore around it that’s revealed, that I think the audiences will really dig as well.”

A preview seemed to suggest Crowley has an interest in the Wicked Witch in the episode. Asked what she could tease about that part of the storyline, Felicia had an interesting response.

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“I can say that he is in the episode (laughs) and the fact that there are a couple of twists in this episode that I think are gonna make people react… they’re gonna react strongly,” she said.

Since “Slumber Party” is being called a one-off style episode, Access asked if Felicia’s Charlie could be back later this season.

“This is a little bit more standalone, yes, but the cool part is, at the very end of this episode, Charlie is faced with a huge decision and it’s very interesting to see how people react to that and how she reacts to it as well,” Felicia said.

“Supernatural” airs tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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