TaleSpin: From The Access News Desk… (6/13/07)

by George Larrimore and Shelly Aguilar

OUR CHAIN GETS YANKED: So this morning we heard this rumor that K-Fed’s ex-Girlfriend Shar Jackson was pregnant by the ex-Mr. Britney Spears (they have two kids already) again. Seven weeks along according to the rumor. It didn’t make a lot of sense but, hey, a lot of things don’t. So we pursued her. She scoffed at the idea that she was Knocked Up by K-Fed but said she’d be happy to talk with us on camera anyway. We’re cool with that. So we’re ready to send a Crew to her house in OC. Then she says, nah, better not come here. Too many paparazzi outside. How about I come there? OK. We’re cool with that. Then a little while later she says, nah, not until later today. OK, we’re less cool with that, but we’re willing to work with her. Then The Call comes. An agency says now they are repping Ms. Jackson and that she’ll be happy to talk. But now there’s a price tag attached. We are not cool with this turn of events at all, feeling that we’ve had our chains yanked. By the way, Ms. Jackson is also plugging a reality show she’s on (which we will not identify) on a network (which we will not name.)

POUNDING THE PAVEMENT: The timing for the Hollywood trip by ABC’s Barbara Walters’ might turn out to be very good. She’s getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame tomorrow. And she’s in town for the Daytime Emmys on Friday. And she just happens to be in town while her good friend Paris Hilton (the daughter of Barbara’s good friends Kathy and Rick Hilton) is cooling her heels in jail. Paris is the very one, you remember, who pay-phoned BW on “The View” just the other day. And she’s also the very one whom Everybody In Television would like to interview. Looks like the wily vet Walters has moved to the inside track. Probably ahead of that pesky Diane Sawyer.

WHAT’S NEXT: We’ve been talking about What’s Next For Paris around here all day. Obviously it’s kind of a slow day around the old News Desk. Does she find a mentor among her well-connected friends (like a Barbara Walters) and (a) get out of the Celebrity business and go into a real business (b) set up a Foundation so she can do some good work (c) resume the all-night every-night party circuit? It’s definitely time for a re-invention. She is 26 after all. She’s not 20 or even 21. And “The Simple Life” cannot count as a career. She’s a cele-brat.

GIRLS GONE WILD: GGW creator Joe Francis is in such hot water that he’d rather stay in jail. He’s currently in incarcerated in Nevada on Federal tax evasion charges. He could make bail but he’s afraid he would be shipped back to Florida where he’s accused in a case involving underage girls and sexual activity which allegedly involved him. Also, as of today two Florida women are suing him, alleging he taped them Doing Things and said he wouldn’t use it, then did.

THE DOUBLE STANDARD: So People Magazine today reporting that Richie Sambora has left re-hab after one week of working on his still unspecified issues. Think about this: Should Britney or Lindsay or Nicole bail out of re-hab in a week we would be All Up In Arms (Access Hollywood included), we’d be all putting Experts on the air to say it’s the wrong move and that one week ain’t rehab. So why is nobody looking out for Poor Richie? He committed the ultimate Hollywood sin; at 47 he’s just too old for the Media to care very much. But good luck with the issues, Richie.

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