Talking Dead: Chris Hardwick On Success Of His Companion Show To The Walking Dead

It’s not just “The Walking Dead” that returns to AMC this weekend. The Chris Hardwick-hosted “Talking Dead” is back too, a chat show that last season had more viewers than some network television shows.

“That happened. Yeah, that happened,” Chris previously told, when we asked him about his show’s viewer numbers, which totalled more than 5 million when “Talking Dead” ended its last season in March.

“No five million of anything has ever come near me,” he said when Access asked how it felt to do so well. “I’ve been working in small cable television for a long time, just niche-ier, so it was just sort of like, ‘Woah! What? How did that…’ I still can’t really process it. It feels like something’s wrong or it didn’t get the right number or something.”

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To many, Chris is considered a “TWD” expert and that has meant that plenty of folks have asked the host for secrets and spoilers from the zombie drama.

“People do beg for secrets and I’ve noticed that it’s not just one type of person that watches ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Talking Dead.’ It’s kids, parents, grandmas,” Chris previously told Access. “I did ‘The Soup,’ and the ‘Duck Dynasty’ people were on and they were like, ‘We love your show. We watch ‘Walking Dead’ every week and ‘Talking Dead’ right after.’”

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“The Walking Dead” returns Sunday at 9/8c on AMC and fans will finally get to find out what happened after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his prison gang welcomed in the Woodbury group.

Chris actually is hoping the new season will provide an answer about that very act.

“I really want to know why Rick went back to the prison and didn’t keep everyone in a pre-fab town that seemed a lot more pleasant and airy,” he said. “It was barricaded off. It seemed like it was safe, there were beds! So I wanna know … what motivated them to go back to the prison.

“And I also want to see Carl turn into this weird sort of John Connor [‘Terminator’] character that he seems to be becoming. Almost a sociopath actually,” he added.

This week, Chris will welcome “TWD” showrunner Scott M. Gimple and “Castle’s” Nathan Fillion on the “Talking Dead” couch. “Talking Dead” airs Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

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