‘Teen Wolf’ Creator Jeff Davis Previews Season 4

Season four of “Teen Wolf” is almost here.

Heartbroken over tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of high school with more human worries than supernatural ones. Between helping their new friend Malia integrate back into society, dealing with the surprising resurrection of Kate Argent and the appearance of the Benefactor, let’s just say the gang at Beacon Hills has their hands full.

Access Hollywood sat down with “Teen Wolf” Creator Jeff Davis for more clarification on the show’s many mysteries and the gossip surrounding their upcoming season, which begins June 23 on MTV.

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AccessHollywood.com: Four members of the cast departed ‘Teen Wolf’ last season. What’s next?
Jeff Davis:
Bringing in some new people, fresh faces for the show and kind of reinventing the story a little bit. We’ve lost some major cast members, people very close to our heart in the show. It’s hard, but it gives us a chance to try new things… liven things up and create new relationships and dynamics. We have great actors like Dylan Sprayberry, who is going to be playing Liam [and] Khylin Rambo who is going to play Mason.

Access: Story wise, what can we expect from season 4?
A lot more death and destruction for our town Beacon Hills! There’s a central, core mystery. It’s all based around a hit list that our supernatural creatures find themselves on… We call it a season of assassins and bounty hunters. There will be a lot more danger for our characters.

Access: Do you have a favorite episode from the new season, and what is it about?
It’s hard to pick. Probably my favorite episode is the first, so far, because it’s the most complete edit we’ve done. I’m seeing it in its most final version and it’s finally beginning to being realized. I’m usually partial to last episodes.

Access: Exciting. What’s the social media reaction been?
It’s been really amazing. We keep going up every year in Twitter, in Tumblr, the number of impressions on Facebook. It’s kind of incredible how important social media has become for shows like ours, especially shows on cable tv that don’t necessarily get the huge media push that [shows on] broadcast networks do. I love hearing the stories about [how] people are connecting on Twitter about the show.

Access: Will you be live tweeting?
I don’t Tweet anymore because I think it interferes too much with the writing, but we always get the cast to do it!

“Teen Wolf” returns June 23 at 10/9c on MTV.

-- Genevieve Wong

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