Teri Hatcher’s Birthday Forecast: Her Love! Her Career!

LOS ANGELES (December 8, 2006) — Teri Hatcher (SAGITTARIUS) and Stephen Kay (GEMINI) are an interesting and unusual match-up, astrologically speaking. Both of them are very intense individuals, and this is a very intense relationship, not only on the surface but also as they get to know each other. This is particularly true for Stephen Kay, who is a pretty concentrated individual. In fact, it’s Stephen’s mental sharpness and sheer intensity that attracts Teri to him, along with his offbeat humor and unusual way of looking at life. Teri is probably truly fascinated by him at this point in their relationship.As a couple, it just might work if Teri is willing to accommodate Stephen?s needs for her to assume the role of love object. Although she is not (chart-wise) ideally suited to play the role of the loved one, this is what Stephen needs. He is naturally a lover type, and he is looking for someone to look after and care for. It is questionable whether Teri will assume that role or not. Even if she does, she may be a bit more than Stephen bargained for. The problem is that Teri is somewhat the same as Stephen in that she prefers to take on the role of lover. She may want to be in charge and to be in the driver?s seat.If Teri is willing to relax, be loved and get out of the driver?s seat long enough to let someone else take the wheel, this could just work. However, there will be some back-seat driving on her part, because we have here two people, each very opinionated and with sharp minds and wicked tongues. The chemistry will be intense, and it is a good question as to how long-term we might expect this relationship to be. If anything else, it will not be dull! There is more to Teri and Stephen’s relationship than just fluff.As far as Teri’s career goes, it doesn’t look like she will have any particularly dynamic events occur in 2007 — certainly not as exciting as 2006 was for her. That said, it seems she is working toward what could be a career high in 2008.

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