Teri’s Abuse Tears

Beginning with today’s episode of “Oprah,” Teri Hatcher’s life is officially an open book!

Oprah was stop one on Teri’s tour to promote her memoir, “Burnt Toast,” and right off the bat, things got honest — and emotional.

A tearful Teri told Oprah why she could relate to 14-year-old molestation victim, Sarah, who killed herself after being molested by Teri’s uncle — the very same uncle who molested Teri as a young girl.

“And how do you think she felt?” Oprah asked.

“Trapped and alone and ashamed,” said Teri, wiping away a tear. “He used to drive me places in the car and then pull over in the parking lot and touch me and do things to me, and I remembered so many things. I remember the position that he put me in, and I remember the color of the carpet.”

When Teri heard Sarah’s story, she went to the authorities with her own traumatic experience and it was because of that courageous confession that her uncle ended up behind bars.

And when Oprah showed Teri a thank you message from Sarah’s family, Teri broke down.

“Thank you for coming forward because this actually helped us understand more of Sarah’s state of mind,” Sarah’s sister said.

“Wow,” Teri said. “The worst thing I remember that really has stuck with me forever is that he was touching me and he said to me, ‘Doesn’t this feel good?’ and I said ‘No’ and he said, ‘Well, someday you’ll know what I’m talking about.’”

“As an adult woman in intimate relationships, it is something that I’ve really struggled with because somehow feeling like if I let sex feel good, somehow he was right,” Teri told Oprah.

That agonizing state of mind strongly affected Teri’s previous marriage. She claims that she and former husband, John Tenney, did not have sex on their honeymoon.

“Consciously, I was frustrated by it, very frustrated,” Teri explained.

“Because you wanted to have more sex,” Oprah laughed.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” Teri chortled.

“So you say you know the day your daughter was conceived because…?”

“It was the only time we had sex that year.”

This may be shocking new info from the sizzling housewife, but the sexually repressed Teri of before has come and gone.

“I think since the divorce, I’ve done a lot of work on myself,” Teri said. “I really want to have sex, really want to find somebody that I can trust and go deep with and have crazy wild sex! Did I say sex? Sex!”

Settle down Teri!

We know someone you might be able to turn to for that kind of satisfaction.

Ryan Seacrest, he of the famous Malibu beach lip lock!

But, according to Teri, that tabloid-touted beach outing was the last time she saw Ryan, and she thinks the paparazzi pictures may have been the final straw for Seacrest.

“We knew that they’d been taken which must have bothered him enough that an hour after he’d dropped me off, he called me to say, “I don’t think I can do this with you,’” Teri explained.

“He did?” Oprah asked. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Teri admitted.

“Really, why?” Oprah asked.

“I don’t know. You’d have to ask him but that, that is the truth,” Teri said.

Teri also dispelled those persistent Clooney rumors — however reluctantly!

“We went to one dinner back in December and that was it,” Teri laughed. “And, you know, no kissing - unfortunately! There really just isn’t a lot of time for dating, and then, when I do meet somebody, I kiss him on the beach and then he doesn’t call me!”

Dating rumors aren’t the only ones that run rampant in Teri’s highly-publicized life. She denied the tabloid accusations of anorexia, as well.

“I’m thin, and I have very skinny legs,” she said. “I actually sent your producer a picture of me when I’m 18 and I’m a cheerleader.”

“You’re the same size?” Oprah asked.

“I’m pretty much the same size, and I have those skinny legs,” Teri laughed. “I mean, even if I ever gained weight, I would still have skinny legs!”

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