‘The 100’: Thomas McDonell Introduces Finn

Earth is about to get a lot hotter on The CW’s “The 100,” when Thomas McDonell’s Finn hits the planet with 100 of his fellow castaways.

In the new show, “The 100,” debuting Wednesday night on the network, dwindling resources on the Ark, the space station that holds what’s left of humanity, prompt the powers that be to take action with a group of juvenile delinquents. Instead of killing them, which is the usual cost for committing a crime, 100 of the young people in lockup are sent to earth – which was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust a century ago – to see if it has become a place that they can inhabit again.

And Finn is an immediate standout, as the group quickly splinters once hitting soil.

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“Finn’s pretty intrepid and ready to go, so there’s that, to start out with, and courage is important,” Thomas told reporters about who his character is, after Warner Bros. flew AccessHollywood.com up to the show’s Vancouver set last fall, where they made us their guests.

“He is the kind of guy who goes his own way,” Thomas said of his character. “He’s not really play by the rules of the – that’s why he’s in jail to begin with, so you start to understand his courage through that, through his outlaw-ness.”

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And Finn’s good looks (Thomas no doubt has some thinking of a young Johnny Depp) has its benefits, like catching the eye of several ladies in the party, including one, who marks her territory.

“There’s this great line that [the character] Octavia says — ‘He’s mine.’ So that kind of gives you the sort of impression of the dynamic there,” Thomas said.

Not just new romance, new adventures also await “The 100” on earth.

“Everything is totally new. It’s sort of one thing to like say it, but to really imagine what it would be like to have never set foot on the earth, to never breath real air — all of that stuff is part of it and then of course there are more like specific pitfalls,” he said of what’s to come.

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“The 100” premieres Wednesday night at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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