‘The 100’: What’s Next For Earth’s New Inhabitants

“The 100” are experiencing quite a bit of trouble on earth.

There was the spearing incident, the frightening water creature, as well as battles for leadership and boys since The CW drama premiered two weeks ago.

Back when the cast was filming episode 5 in Vancouver, the cast offered reporters teases at what viewers will see in the coming weeks.

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Flashbacks Are Coming: “There’s gonna be a lot of backstory to be told about Octavia and for the audience to understand why she is the way she is and her relationship with her family and her deceased mother, so you’ll have to tune in,” Marie Avgeropoulos told reporters, after Warner Bros. flew AccessHollywood.com up to the show’s set where they made us their guests.

Potential For Finnarke/Clarkinn?: Octavia may have called dibs on Finn in the premiere, but it seemed last week she found another boy(s) with whom she can sew her wild oats. So could that mean there is room for Clarke and Finn to connect? “I think Finn and Clarke have a really lovely chemistry. They both want the same thing, even though in the beginning, Finn does come across as just another sort of criminal like rebel. He does, in fact, really care and Clarke sees that falls for him a little bit,” Eliza Taylor (Clarke) said.

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Unimaginable Dangers On The Ground: “Just when we think it’s one thing, it’s another, because really, nobody had any knowledge of what was going on in the past 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse,” Marie said of growing dangers to The 100 on the ground.

The Leadership Battle Among The 100 On Earth Will Continue: “Criminals by definition don’t like following… leadership, so obviously Bellamy has to set his authority in some way and it’s something that he has to keep readdressing all the time… with the criminals and with Clarke,” Bob Morley (Bellamy) said.

“I think what she’s most concerned about is Bellamy’s power over the group,” Eliza weighed in. “Obviously, the two of them are going to be butting heads a lot throughout the series because he has his own secret agenda for not wanting The Ark to come down, and she wants the opposite. So I think her main concern is that the rest of the kids want what she wants, which is to survive.”

A Softer Octavia: “Octavia’s faced with a lot of really heavy decisions because she does develop relationships on earth – good and bad – and when she’s faced with these alliances and the divide that happens naturally between people trying to agree or disagree and just build a society on earth, you’ll definitely see her break down,” Marie said.

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“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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