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Fans of BBC America’s sci-fi TV imports may be interested to hear that acccording to the The Hollywood Reporter, FOX is planning to develop an American version of “Torchwood” (which itself is the BBC spin off of “Dr. Who”).

While the thought of Americanizing the sci-fi Brit hit for audiences on this side of the pond may make loyalists squirm (recalling FOX’s earlier attempt at relaunching “Dr. Who” as a series here in the U.S. via a 1996 TV movie pilot that didn’t score well either in the ratings or with the fans), the good news is that “Torchwood” creator and mastermind Russell T. Davies will be on board to see this new version through production. Davies recently wrapped his successful run of his own reboot of “Dr Who” for the BBC, freeing him to work on other projects.

If the popular “Torchwood” star John Barrowman also signs on to reprise his role as the swashbuckling immortal Captain Jack Harkness, leader of a group of alien investigators, the show probably has more than a good chance of winning over the loyal core fanbase as well as finding new ones.

If you need a crash course on all things “Torchwood,” look no further than 2009’s five part miniseries “Children of Earth,” one of the finest pieces of science fiction to hit the airwaves in years. Though with FOX’s recent reverent treatment of edgy genre shows like “Fringe” and “Dollhouse,” a solid version of “Torchwood” could be something to look forward to.


In an interview with MTV Splash, “Green Lantern” director Martin Campbell dispelled online fan hopes of a Superman cameo making it into the big screen adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds.

With “Green Lantern” on the fast track as the next tentpole superhero film featuring a character from the DC Universe (think Superman and Batman), there was hope that the movie could serve not only as the kickoff for a lucrative “Green Lantern” franchise, but also take the first step to lead into a big screen “Justice League” movie (much in the same way Marvel has been laying the groundwork for their 2012 “The Avengers” movie, through well placed character cross overs in “The Incredible Hulk,” “Iron Man” and the upcoming “Thor”). Warner Bros’ previous attempts at making a live action “Justice League” movie have meet with numerous pre-production false starts, and any such project remains in development hell, as they say.

Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim told MTV last year that a Superman/Clark Kent cameo was indeed written into an early version of the “Green Lantern” script, but was unsure whether or not it would ever make the final cut of the film. With Martin Campbell’s fairly definite “No, that won’t happen,” response recently to MTV regarding the possibility of such an occurance, it seems the “Green Lantern” film will stand all on its own when it hits cinemas in 2011.

However, we can’t rule out that Blake Lively’s Carrol Ferris character will not turn bad and become the evil Star Sapphire in future installments (as she does in the comic’s mythological continuity), or that the still uncast Sinestro will be the featured main villain (thereby setting the stage for a special effects laden green vs. yellow power ring showdown). Peter Sarsgaard is all but set to play the main villain, Hector Hammond, in “Green Lantern,” while the Sinestro character is rumored only to be introduced in this first film; while likely to see his role expand in the sequels as Green Lantern’s powerful arch enemy.

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