The Bachelor’s Tierra LiCausi: ‘I Felt Ganged Up On’

Tierra LiCausi, the headline-making woman who vied for Sean Lowe’s heart this season on “The Bachelor,” came back for Monday night’s “The Women Tell All” where she defended her behavior on the show.

“I didn’t want to be friends with them,” Tierra, 24, from Denver, Colo., told show host Chris Harrison.

“Would you go into a situation competing with a bunch of women, wanting to be friends with them and… be a best friend? No,” she added.

Throughout the season, Tierra angered the other ladies by being sweet to Sean, but playing competitive in the house and refusing to be pals with any of the women.

At the start of the interview, Chris brought up that Tierra became the woman who was talked about for her behavior this season, and Tierra said she was judged by the other women from the beginning.

“It’s difficult for me because I light up in a room, especially around people I’m comfortable with and when I walk into a room, I bring this joy and this smile and I’m happy,” she said, as the other women looked on, several of them raising their eyebrows. “But with people that immediately judge me and don’t give me a chance to have that light and to be open and to show my personality, they immediately judge me based off of what I look like instead of the inner person, the heart I have, the good family I come from and everything that I value in my life and all my morals that I have as well.”

The 24-year-old said earning a rose from Sean early on, on that first night helped create tension between herself and the other girls.

“I wanted to throw that rose when I first got in that door because I didn’t want a target on my back… and I felt that I had that target,” she said.

Asked if she wanted to take anything back or apologize, Tierra said she did not.

“Off the top of my head, no. like there’s nothing that I can say to apologize for because, there’s nothing I feel that I did to these girls intentionally or that I said bad about them, and if I did say anything bad about anybody here, please tell me and bring [it]to my attention and give me an example because honestly, I didn’t say one bad thing about any of these girls,” she said.

In related news, Tierra confirmed she is engaged to someone she met before the show.

“As soon as I got back, we rekindled things,” Tierra said of her romance.

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