The Biggest Loser Recap: ‘Face Your Fears’

This week, the remaining contestants on “The Biggest Loser” were asked to face their fears.

“Biggest Loser” kids Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay also stared down their fears. Sunny spoke with her mom about her fear of losing her due to her health. Lindsay addressed her longer term health and her fear of becoming diabetic. Biingo revealed that he was afraid of vegetables, but faced his fear with the help of his mom disguising the veggies in the food she cooked.

Back on the ranch, Gina faced her fear of small spaces by getting into a coffin. Jillian helped her realize that her actual fear was based more on her anxiety surrounding death and failure.

Danni, who loves to sing but is afraid of performing in front of a crowd, stepped up and performed at a lounge. She had a shaky start, but pulled out a good performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at a lounge.

Joe faced his fear of sharks, which Bob explained was really a fear of not being in control. Bob took him to the ocean, where he swam 500 meters successfully.

Jeff said he was afraid of failure and Jackson revealed that he was afraid of heights – which were both great lead-ins for this week’s Challenge.

This week, the contestants were placed on a ledge of a building, where they attempted to hold 40% of their body weight. Those who failed fell off the side of the building. The last contestant standing earned immunity. The battle of endurance and strength came down with Danni and Gina, and Gina conquered.

At the Weigh In, Gina (who had immunity) went first and lost 7 lbs. Jackson dropped 11 lbs. Jeff lost an impressive 13 lbs. Joe was right behind with 12 lbs. Alex worked off 8 lbs.

Danni weighed in last and lost 10 lbs., placing Jackson and Alex up for elimination.

Alex received the most votes and she was sent packing.

At the Check In, Alex looked great, having lost 70 lbs. and appeared to be in great spirits.

Next week, the remaining five contestants will get makeovers. “The Biggest Loser” airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC.

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