The Biggest Loser Recap: ‘Tough Love’

This week, the remaining contestants on “The Biggest Loser” found themselves in the midst of a sugary crisis – and they had to face it all alone as the teams were disbanded and everyone began competing on their own.

The contestants were given a temptation challenge, where they were put into a room filled with sugary treats and the Loser who consumed the most calories would be given a 2-lb. advantage at the Weigh In and another 2-lb. advantage for another player.

When the lights went out (with host Allison Sweeney watching in the dark with night vision) Francelina and Alex chowed down on the treats. Danni on the other hand opted to do crunches, knowing that Jillian would not be happy if she consumed any of the junk food. Francelina won the temptation challenge and gave the advantage to Alex. Both Francelina and Alex woofed down 1,000 calories worth of food.

Next, we checked in with “Biggest Loser” kids Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay, where we saw Jillian help Sunny start a Bollywood class for her to try. Bob had Biingo try out for a baseball team and Dolvett had Lindsay practice cheer with a squad.

Back at the ranch, all three trainers were not happy with the contestants for taking part in the sugary temptation challenge and worked the contestants hard. For the first time, everyone was placed with a different trainer than they were used to working with and comfort zones were tested in a big way.

During the Last Chance Workout, tensions and sweat ran high – except for Alex for was not putting in her all (?? - worded odd). She said that her 2-lb. advantage gave her some extra confidence. Bob was not happy with her, and the two exchanged words. Dolvett and Gina also had a tense exchange after she let her fears get the best of her, but he was able to motivate her to get back on track.

At the Weigh In, tensions continued, as it was the first time they competed individually. Francelina went first and lost 4 lbs (plus a 2-lb. advantage). Alex dropped 6 lbs. (plus a 2-lb. advantage). Danni worked off 6 lbs. Joe lost a whopping 12 lbs. Jeff also impressed everyone with 11 lbs. Gina shed 9 lbs. Jackson was Monday’s star, he lost an impressive 13 lbs. Michael was the last contestant to step on the scale – and needed to lose 11 lbs. to remain safe – but only lost 10 lbs.

Michael and Francelina were both put up for elimination and Michael was sent packing, as the group decided he was a too big of a threat.

At the Check In, Michael continued to keep off the weight in a big way and lost over 100 lbs. He said he and his family had created a gym routine and that he loved his new lease on life.

“The Biggest Loser” airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC.

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