The Biggest Loser Recap: ‘Waist & Money’

Week four of “The Biggest Loser” forced the contestants to eat healthy on a budget.

After the food was cleared from the show’s kitchen, host Alison Sweeney had the contestants meet her at the supermarket where they were each given $10 and 15 minutes to shop.

All three teams succeed in getting a variety of healthy foods (lean proteins, organic veggies and waist-friendly snacks) and they all came in under budget.

With only one person left on the White Team – Danni – Jillian showed off a softer side this week, being very attentive and supportive with her. They even went running together.

Next, we checked in with “Biggest Loser” kids Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay, who were all busy at home working towards their goals. Lindsay has joined a gym and is training hard to make the cheerleading team. Biingo is seen playing baseball with his pals and working at improving his skills on the field. Sunny is continuing her work to stay in shape, while looking for “the perfect prom dress.”

This week’s challenge consisted of swimming to three different fountains in the middle of a pool and placing five-pound coins in the fountains, with each team needing 10 coins for each player on their team. The Red and Blue Team needed 40 and White Team needed 10.

Danni won for Team White, after being closely followed by Red, and is given a choice between a phone call home or a 2-lb advantage at the weigh-in.

During the Last Chance Workout, both Team White and Red were doing well, but Blue was lagging with multiple contestants admitting they’ve been slacking on with their workout regimes.

At the weigh-in, Red went first with Joe dropping 11 lbs., Francelina losing 7 lbs., Jackson shedding 8 lbs. and Lisa dropping 5 lbs. – for a total of 31 lbs.

Blue was next with Gina dropping 9 lbs., Michael and Jeff both losing 13 lbs. and David and Alex both lose 10 lbs. – for an impressive total of 55 lbs., which made them safe for the night.

White (with only Danni left) weighed in next. She needed to have lost 5 lbs. in addition to her 2-lb advantage that she won at the challenge to remain safe. Danni drops 9 lbs., keeping her safe for another week.

Team Red was sent to elimination room, with Lisa getting the most votes and is sent packing. During the Check In at home, Lisa has been keeping off the weight and is 76 lbs. down and looking great.

“The Biggest Loser” airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC.

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