The Blacklist: Megan Boone On Liz’s Die Hard-Style Transformation & Red’s Revenge Plans

NBC’s thrilling hit drama “The Blacklist” returns Monday night and after last year’s explosive mid-season finale, Megan Boone’s agent Elizabeth Keen is a stronger woman.

She snuck through the FBI’s blacksite, taking down multiple heavyweight firepower-carrying terrorists, who had infiltrated the secret locale to extract James Spader’s Red Reddington. Eventually, it was her own capture that got Red out of the box (he did it to save her life), but not before she showed her mettle.

“I think the biggest shock for people was how strong Liz came across. She became sort of a [Bruce Willis’ ‘Die Hard’ character] John McClane level badass in that episode and I owe that a lot to Joe Carnahan, our director, who came on and he wrote the first part of the two-part episode and it just was a lot of fun working with him,” Megan told “I always knew that Liz was going to go to become a stronger woman throughout the series because of all that she goes through and is able to overcome, and it was fun to finally grow into that a little bit.”

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When the show resumes its first season, tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC, Red is still on the loose, and ready to take on those who wronged him.

“Red is out there somewhere out there plotting his revenge against the death of Luli and against the infiltration into the black site. We are all trying to find out who the mole was,” she explained. “The next chapter of ‘The Blacklist’ we’re titling, ‘The Mole Hunt,’ so we’re trying to figure out who on our team and in our group is the one who has betrayed us.”

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But while some shows have dealt with a mole or two in the ranks and never solved the mystery, Megan assured Access that this will have a conclusion.

“‘The Blacklist’ will not disappoint as far as wrapping up these storylines. I think a lot of people think there are all these open questions and there are never gonna be answers, but there is a conclusion to all of these questions: the question about Liz and Tom’s relationship, the question about Liz and Red’s relationship, the unspoken question about Liz and Ressler’s relationship,” Megan laughed while mentioning Liz’s FBI co-worker. “All these things… they end up panning out and the writers and I are always in a constant dialogue about what the overarching story and how to kind of whittle that down to each individual episode.”

Liz and Ressler, played by “Homeland’s” Diego Klatenhoff, have caught the imagination of some fans, who hope the chemistry between the co-workers turns into something more than a work relationship.

“I just learned the term, ‘shipping’ since I got on the show. I didn’t know that was a word,” Megan laughed. “I think it’s funny. They’re all #Keensler. Every episode, every time I’m doing these interactive Tweet things, they’re always hashtagging #Keensler on there, saying they ‘ship’ #Keensler.”

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But while there are fans hoping to see something between Liz and Ressler, the story with Liz’s husband Tom, played by “90210’s” Ryan Eggold, is continuining to heat up.

“Tom has a really, really fun and interesting story coming up that I think people are gonna get wrapped up in,” she said.

In fact, the pair, who were hoping to adopt a child in the pilot episode, are continuing their plan to become parents, despite Liz’s concerns about who Tom is, something that came up in her conversations with Red.

“We definitely deal with that in the next couple episodes,” Megan said of the adoption storyline. “We actually have a baby shower coming up.”

And she confirmed the actors do know if Tom is just a sweet teacher caught up in a strange and twisted web, or if he is something else.

“We know what’s gonna happen. We know the status of his good vs. evil persona and how that’s gonna unfold this season,” she said. “The first chapter was all about Red in his alliance with Liz and them working together to find these blacklisters and then the second one is about the mole and making sure that we have a safe place to do our job and then, the third one is gonna be all about Liz and Tom’s relationship. So the end of the season is really gonna wrap up a lot of that story.”

“The Blacklist” airs Monday nights at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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