The Business Of Paris & Her Million Dollar Offer

It may not be much of a stretch for Paris to take on the radio business. After all, she’s already tried her hand at a variety of other ventures.

She is a recording artist, an author, and the star of her very own, well, “DVD.”

“A lot people don’t know I’m a businesswoman, and I run several businesses,” she said last night on “Larry King Live.”

But is Paris really a “businesswoman,” as she claimed? The answer becomes a little clearer when Access Hollywood investigates.

It’s true that Paris is listed as President of three businesses, two of which are located in Beverly Hills: “Paris Hilton Entertainment” and “Paris Hilton Enterprises.”

Her other business, “Heiress Records,” is located in Carlsbad, North of San Diego. It’s a boutique label of Warner Bros. Records, which produced her self-titled album.

Access has learned that Paris is still represented as an artist by Warner Bros. Records today.

“People just focus on the ‘party’ part, and my business and what I do is at my office,” she told King. “And in my meetings…that’s not really made public, because I’m, you know, in a boardroom talking with everyone who works with me.”

Paris’ Beverly Hills office is located at the same address as her father’s business, “Hilton and Hyland Real Estate.” However, there is no phone number listed for Paris’ office — only that of her father’s.

“Well, a misconception that I always hear is ‘Paris doesn’t work for a living,’ she just, you know, ‘gets money from her family,’” said Paris. “And I completely disagree with that. I’ve made a name on my own, by myself. I’ve not taken any money from my family.”

It wasn’t always this way. A 2002 letter to Paris from her father, Rick Hilton, was found on The letter shows that dad lent her a helping hand. In the letter, Rick offers both Paris and her sister, Nicky, compensation for helping him and their mother, Kathy.

“I will give you a better deal than an “arms length” deal with someone I am not related to,” Rick says in the letter.

Paris’ father goes on to say he’ll give Paris and Nicky a $20,000 advance in royalties, and 40% of all profits of their jewelry line they developed in Japan.

“Mom and I created the Uptown & Downtown fragrances to give you girls credibility and have you taken more serious,” he wrote.

There’s no question Paris has money — she was listed on Forbes’ Top 100 Money-Earning Celebrities last year at # 56 — earning a reported $7,000,000 a year!

But there are other things on her plate. “I’ve had a book on the New York Times bestsellers list,” she told King.

Her tongue-in-cheek book, titled “The Confessions of an Heiress,” did indeed make the list — last year.

And then there’s “The Simple Life” TV show, with her “on-again off-again” friend Nicole Richie, which is currently in it’s 5th season.

Paris also has two films in the can — “The Hottie and the Nottie” and “Sweetie Pie” — and has two other projects in development.

Hilton is also getting into mobile gaming, fronting a video game for teens which includes puzzles and card games.

And when all else fails, Paris can always fall back on her “party girl” fees. She claims anywhere between 150 - 200 thousand dollars to appear at a party for just 20 minutes!

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