The Carrie Diaries: EP Amy B. Harris Previews Drama For Sebastian, Walt & More

Friday ushers in a big episode of The CW’s “The Carrie Diaries,” and there’s a hefty helping of drama for our favorite Castlebury, Conn., teens.

New York City’s newest resident Sebastian (Austin Butler) picks up a passion for skateboarding, which causes friction in his relationship with Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb). Maggie (Katie Findlay) meets an ARMY recruiter as she contemplates her future, and Walt (Brendan Dooling) has a serious situation to contend with.

Executive Producer Amy B. Harris previewed what’s ahead when she spoke with this week. She also addressed the recent twist that kept us from meeting “Sex and The City” character Stanford Blatch.

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Amy B. Harris: For the last few episodes, Sebastian has been struggling a bit and trying to sort of find his way, and when we talked about, ‘If Sebastian comes back and he moves into a city, what will he be doing?’ And when we started to talk about what we wanted to see him doing, the thing that sort of fascinated us was, ‘What if he does find his own passion? How will Carrie feel about that? Will she be surprised and maybe a little jealous that there’s things going on in his life that are as important as she is?’ And [I] thought that was a fun place to kind of go in their relationship ‘cause it does seem to me that she’s sort of been used to being his anchor, and now he’s sort of finding a way to anchor himself, which I think is great.

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Access: Have you thought about what the end game is for them as a couple to sort of send her off on to Carrie Bradshaw journeys that people would be familiar with?

Amy: We have, to some degree, thought about it. Obviously it won’t be in this season, but we certainly have ideas about how they would end up… I personally love them together as a couple and think that she has a lot to learn from him still, but I think there are variations of them that could certainly lead her to the Carrie we know.

Access: We get some soul searching from Maggie in this episode as she starts to think about her future. Was it fun to give her a bit of levity again after the pregnancy storyline?

Amy: It was a blast. I feel like we just put the character through the ringer this year. It was rough. … But what I love is that what came out of [it] is she ended up with a better relationship with her parents because of what happened and she was finally able to talk to her dad about some stuff and kind of revisit that and I think to some degree, not lying, telling the truth about Simon, did free her to kind of find her strength again.

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Access: There’s a big twist coming up with Walt. What can you hint about it?

Amy: This is sort of the episode we’ve all been waiting for with Walt where he has to look at the scariest thing that Manhattan has to offer in the gay community. … We spent a lot of time last season… kind of very carefully crafting a coming out story and trying to find a way to be able to admit you’re gay and this season was really about Walt figuring out what kind of gay man he wants to be…

Access: On a lighter topic, before we could meet him, you sent Stanford away to Ibiza. Is that because you didn’t want to bring him in yet?

Amy: When we talked about Stanford coming in, we realized we really wanted Samantha Jones to kind of settle into the series before we brought in any of our other beloved series members from ‘Sex and The City.’ And then when we started to think about it, what really made us laugh was the man that’s out there that you never meet. That isn’t to say we won’t be meeting him soon, but when we started to really talk about that for some reason I got a huge kick out of thinking of him like being out of town for a little bit and being in London and just getting little bits of reveals of things he was doing and chasing, but not actually meeting him yet

Access: Have you talked to Willie Garson (who played Stanford on the HBO series)? Does he know it could happen where young Stanford ends up on ‘The Carrie Diaries’?

Amy: He knows it could. I forget when the last time I talked to him about it was, but he definitely knows [there is] the possibility of Stanford coming.

Access: Is he amused by it?

Amy: Oh yeah. … I think for most of the actors, I think it’s both surreal and then… I think we’ve done a very good job of making these characters both… very much honoring what they sprung from, but clearly their own characters. And I think so far, it’s been a very warm welcome and Willie’s really game for stuff like that.

“The Carrie Diaries” airs Friday night at 8/7c on The CW.

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