The Courtship Of Sandra Bullock

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are back together, a dozen years after they first fell in love on a speeding bus.

The pair is reuniting for the romantic drama ?The Lake House? and as Access Hollywood?s Nancy O?Dell found out when she sat down with Sandra, these two have just as much chemistry off-screen as they do on.

?I know you guys have said that you have a camaraderie off the screen,? Nancy noted.

?Oh, we?re good buddies,? Sandra smiled. ?We vacation together in Cabo every September.?

?What?s he like in Cabo?? asked Nancy.

?The Speedo is fantastic ? lime green,? Sandra joked.

While that might be a little too much information, Nancy wasn?t about to stop Sandra from talking about her new film or her own personal love life.

And much like her character in the movie who gets courted by letters, Sandra was courted by her now-husband and ?Monster Garage? host Jesse James (pictured above with Sandra at a Los Angeles Kings game in November 2005) via email.

?Jesse actually communicated with you in the beginning via email didn?t he?? Nancy asked Sandra.

?Yes, when I was trying to blow him off,? Sandra said.

?You were very hard to get from what I understand,? Nancy laughed.

?I don?t know if I was hard to get. I didn?t want anything in my life other than what I had,? Sandra explained. ?I didn?t realize who he was and what he was.?

A peaceful and happy looking Sandra also graces the cover of July?s Vanity Fair. Inside the pages, she reveals to writer Michael Shnayerson how she met Jesse when she took her godson to his motorcycle shop West Coast Choppers as a Christmas gift.

?Sandra found herself talking to this guy who looked like a Hell?s Angel and she got back to her office and he had called her for a date and she was aghast,? Shnayerson told Access.

?You even gave him conditions for the first date,? Nancy said to Sandra.

?I was like ?I need to be able to walk home and I will drive myself.? I had it all planned out, but apparently none of that was going to fly. Which I have to admire. No one says ?No? to me and he did,? she revealed.

One year later, the couple is still going strong. And Sandra has no problem at all with the commitment.

?People say ?Oh my God. You?re going to have sex with one person for the rest of your life.? I hope I have sex with him for the rest of my life, because I like it,? she told Vanity Fair.

And with marriage, came kids. Sandra is now a stepmother to Jesse?s daughter, Chandler, and son, Jesse Jr., who lives across the street.

?I?m the lady that their father married. They have a mother. They don?t need a step mom, so I?m just Sandy. I?m the one that gets on them about making the beds and then it?s ?Let?s go get ice cream,?? she laughed.

Catch Sandra and Keanu in ?The Lake House? when it hits theaters June 16.

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