The Five Hottest New Shows Of Fall Television

It’s time to settle into that couch, prop your feet up and grab the remote – the new season of television is here.

By last count, there were more than two dozen brand new dramas and comedies set to debut over the next few weeks, adding up to more than an entire day – and night’s — worth of television.

Overwhelming? Definitely. But at, we’ve got you covered.

Our team spent the last six weeks watching every single pilot and we’ve managed to narrow it down to the Five Hottest New Shows of Fall Television.

Check them out, listed in order of their premiere date…

1. “Ringer”

Combining drama, a murder mystery, and bushels of Twintrigue (get it? twin + intrigue), The CW’s “Ringer” marks Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television. But “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” this is not.

“You can’t top Buffy, you know… It’s what it was. It was an amazing experience… That was different,” Sarah Michelle told Access Hollywood. “I love film noir, I love the unraveling of the mysteries and I haven’t played twins before, so I thought, ‘OK, why not?’”

Double trouble — “Ringer” finds Sarah Michelle playing troubled twins, whose lives have diverged on equally destructive paths. One’s a recovering addict on the run from testifying against a mob boss, the other’s a wealthy New Yorker in a broken marriage, with some very big and very dangerous secrets.

“Essentially, the pitch of the show is that the audience are let in on a secret right at the very beginning: Bridget and Siobhan, who are identical twins, have swapped lives,” Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Siobhan’s husband, Andrew, told Access. “So from the beginning you are gonna be lead on a journey of intrigue and backstabbing and cliff hangers at the end of every episode.

“I think it’s gonna be one of your favorite telenovelas, soap operas, crossed with ‘Damages,’” the Welshman added of his show, which premiered on Tuesday night at 9 PM.

2. “Two Broke Girls”

And from dark mysteries on the Upper East Side to a greasy spoon in Brooklyn, next up on our list is the highly-anticipated new comedy from “Sex and The City” writer and producer Michael Patrick King – CBS’ “Two Broke Girls.”

Starring Kat Dennings and newcomer Beth Behrs, “Two Broke Girls” is a saucy comedy about what happens when you mix a blunt-talking, two-job working waitress with a disgraced uptown princess.

“I think the captivating thing about somebody with a lot of money and losing all their money was interesting,” Michael Patrick said at the Television Critics Association Summer Session in August. “And somebody whose life was supposed to go a certain way and then suddenly went the other way, was interesting.”

As for Beth, she said the show, which premieres Monday, September 19 at 9:30 PM on CBS, adds up to a whole lot of laughs.

“It’s also just really silly and funny and laugh-out-loud kind of comedy,” she has said.

3. “New Girl”

FOX is amping up their comedy plate this year with “New Girl,” starring the adorable Zooey Deschanel, sister of “Bones” star Emily.

Known for her big screen roles in films like “Elf” and “(500) Days of Summer,” Zooey brings her charm and penchant for song to the character of Jess, a young woman desperately in need of new digs

“It’s about a girl named Jess. She gets dumped by her boyfriend of many years and she sort of needs a place to live so she moves in with three guys who live in a loft,” Zooey told Access of the show, which premieres on September 20 at 9 PM on FOX. “It’s just sort of an interesting intersection of all these people’s personalities. The comedy really comes out of the characters.”

And with a beautiful girl having several shoulders to cry on, it could lead to a little romance too.

“I think there’s definitely a little Sam and Diane,” Zooey added, referencing “Moonlighting.” “With all these guys, I feel like it is this mix and match of different character flaws, like getting in each other’s way. In the end, they may drive each other crazy, but they also all love each other at the same time. I definitely think there’s a lot of possibilities as far as where the characters are gonna go.”

4. “Revenge”

“Modern Family” may be the lead in to the next program making our Five Hottest New Shows of Fall Television list, but there’s nothing funny about ABC’s scintillating new drama — “Revenge.”

Emily VanCamp leads the cast of this fall TV entry, loosely based on “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

The former “Brothers & Sisters” star plays Emily Thorne, a young woman of means, who heads to the Hamptons, secretly bent on enacting vengeance against those who took her father away from her as a child – and forever — by framing him for a horrific crime.

“It gets dark, she’s dark,” Emily told Access. “Basically all she lives for is revenge. She has nothing left to lose.

“I think it’s more a calculated kind of destruction that she wants to happen. She wants to watch them suffer and be able to really feel that and see that happening,” she added of her character Emily’s goals in the show, which premieres Wednesday, September 21 at 10 PM on ABC.

5. “Homeland”

It took a strong, suspenseful script, but Emmy and Golden Globe winner Claire Danes was wooed back to series television for “Homeland,” the final program to make our list.

“I think there’s just so much liberty that one has in cable,” Claire said recently at the TCAs of signing on for the drama. “You get to curse a lot. You get to get naked a lot… I think that that’s more appealing than the relatively moderate work hours. It’s just the creative flexibility.”

In Showtime’s hour-long drama, Claire stars as Carrie Mathison, an unconventional CIA agent, suspicious of the return of Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a marine who was rescued in Afghanistan, eight years after he had been presumed dead.

It’s British actor and former “Band of Brothers” star Damian Lewis who plays Sergeant Brody, a man struggling to readjust to life back home with his wife Jessica --“V’s” Morena Baccarin – while keeping a host of secrets.

“For me, it just gets better and better,” Damian commented at the TCAs of his new gig on “Homeland.” “In England, we can’t make this kind of TV. We don’t have the resources… We don’t have film and TV language in our DNA in the same way you guys do here. And the big concept in telling it compellingly, entertainingly, but in a psychologically real way and a complex way is something we just ‑‑ we don’t come up with as often as you guys do. So for me to be here is a thrill.”

“Homeland” premieres Sunday, October 2 at 10 PM on Showtime.

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