The Hangover Part III: Which Stars Would Return For A Fourth Installment?

“The Hangover Part III” poster teases, “It All Ends” – but Hollywood loves sequels, especially successful ones.

Access Hollywood caught up with many of the franchise’s key players at Monday’s premiere, where we found out what it would take to make a fourth movie.

“It’s over. It’s done. Yeah, it’s done,” Bradley Cooper told Access.

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Heather Graham, who returns in the third installment, was open to the idea of more head-throbbing regret-filled mornings.

”[It would take] probably just writing me a good part,” she told Access with a laugh.

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Ed Helms said major world events would have to change to get him signed on for a fourth movie

“It would take peace in the Middle East for me to do ‘Hangover 4,’” he said.

Ken Jeong, who stars as Mr. Chow for a third time, is open to more and would also like to see his character get his own movie.

”[It would take] a call from Todd Phillips,” he told Access. “Do a Chow spinoff? Sure. I would do anything for Todd Phillips, absolutely.”

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As for director Todd Phillips, don’t count on him helming another “Hangover.”

“This is it for me and this is it for the guys,” he explained. “When you see the movie, it really ends.”

“The Hangover Part III” opens in theaters on May 23.

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