‘The Hills’ Stars Weigh In On Lindsay Lohan’s Fate

“The Hills” stars Brody Jenner and Stephanie Pratt – who are no strangers to the Hollywood club scene that Lindsay Lohan loves to frequent – weighed in on the road ahead for the actress as she faces 90 days behind bars.

“I think she’ll be alright,” Brody told Access Hollywood at MTV’s “The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending” Finale event at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday night, adding, “I don’t think she’ll serve too much time. You know how that is.”

Brody, who lives in the same building as Lindsay in Hollywood, said he thinks reports of his stepsister Kim Kardashian visiting the actress could be a positive thing for the 24-year-old Lindsay.

“If Lindsay wants that kind of, you know, help and if she wants an influence like Kim, yeah, Kim’s a great girl,” he told Access.

Stephanie – who had a DUI in October 2009 and is now sober – said she believes Lindsay is at a crossroads.

“You can go two ways, you can spiral and be like, ‘My life sucks, this is terrible… look what’s happened,’ or you can just say, ‘I’m being tested right now. I’m on trial and how I behave right now is what I’m going to have my future be about,’” Stephanie told Access on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old reality star explained that she’s adjusted to being sober in a sea of people who love to party.

“It’s not hard anymore. It’s pretty easy. It’s kind of just like fun to watch everyone like especially when we go on trips like everyone really starts drinking and. So, it’s just kind of like it’s fun to kind of sit back and just watch all the people I love, you know, be hilarious and wild and crazy but um it has definitely impacted my life not on the show,” she told Access.

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