The Mindy Project Q&A: Adam Pally On Joining Fox Comedy, Is A Romance Brewing With Dr. L?

It was a not so happy ending for fans of ABC’s very funny “Happy Endings” last season, which after suffering from low ratings during its entire three season run, was given the axe by ABC in May. Despite a core cult following of devoted fans the little show that could just couldn’t convince ABC to keep it on the air. However, there is a happy ending as Adam Pally, who played the lazy but loveable Max Blum on the cancelled series, joins “The Mindy Project” as a series regular. I caught up with Adam, who joins the OBGYN practice on Tuesday’s episode as Dr. Peter Prentiss, on the set of the show where I witnessed just how funny he is and his uncanny ability for adlib. OK, so not a happy ending that that show was canceled. Very sad, but a very happy ending that you are here on “The Mindy Project”!

Adam Pally: Yes. I’ve landed on my feet in a gynecologist’s office.

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Access: But not with your feet in stirrups.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. My feet in New Balances.

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Access: Ok so tell me who is the guy that you’re playing? What’s the character?

Adam: I play Dr. Peter Prentiss, who is kind of a frat boy, uh Ivy League frat boy. It’s a very specific type. I think Mindy went to school with some of these guys at Dartmouth. Surprisingly, me playing a frat boy is not a stretch.

Access: So you actually come into the practice? Right next door to Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s office as well?

Adam: Yes. Yes. I think that that will cause some hijinks down the line.

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Access: Any like potential romance between the two since we know that she likes to romance some people?

Adam: She does. Mindy does like to romance. I don’t know if there’s potential romance. I think there’s always a little sexual tension when two people kind of become foils for each other. It’s like two batteries that are, you just gotta flip one around and then they fit perfectly.

Access: How did it come about? Are you friends with Mindy?

Adam: I just knew Mindy a little bit through the comedy community. I knew Ike [Barinholtz] a little bit and I think when “Happy Endings” got canceled I was kind of bumming around and Mindy called me and asked me to do it and I was, you know, it’s a no brainer.

Access: Had you seen the show before?

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Adam: I had. My wife is a big fan of the show and I watch it with her and I think it’s hilarious and all the guest stars are so funny. I was pretty honored to be asked.

Access: And Mindy’s the boss here. Is she a good boss?

Adam: Mindy is the boss, you mean like in real life?

Access: In real life and on the show!

Adam: Is Mindy the boss in real life? Because I have been treating her very disrespectfully. So if that’s the case. I mean, I know it was called “The Mindy Project” but I thought they were referring to another Mindy. I made a big mistake. I made a huge mistake!

Access: Well despite that, has she been treating you well then? Even though you’ve been disrespectful.

Adam: Yes. Mindy… yes. I mean I would say that I’m treated amazing here. All of the writers are so funny and hilarious and they totally write to my strengths and Mindy looks after me making sure that I’m always taken care of.

“The Mindy Project” airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM ET/PT on Fox.

-- Laura Saltman

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