The Office: What Will Happen With Jim & Pam?

As “The Office” inches closer to closing up shop permanently, the final season has brought a bit of unexpected strain between Dunder-Mifflin sweethearts – Jim & Pam.

On Thursday night’s episode, Pam (Jenna Fischer) is brought to tears after a brief phone fight with a Philadelphia-based Jim (John Krasinski) — and fans got a peek behind the curtain, as the fake documentary crew following the cast all these years stepped out from behing the cameras to comfort Pam as she cried at her desk!

But will fans see America’s favorite paper-pushing couple ride off into the sunset happy – or could the stress in their relationship possibly drive them apart?!?

“I think [fans] will go away satisfied because of the bar that has always been set by these characters, which is… a reality that is not only believable and romantic, but at the same time very real,” John Krasinski told’s Laura Saltman during a trip to the NBC series set earlier this month.

“And you’ll be experience things with these characters that you’ve either experienced yourself or have heard of people experiencing, so there will be a familiar feeling with what we go through that I think that attachment will allow you to be a part of something with us, and not just by yourself,” he added, without going into further detail.

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Happily ever after or not, it is most definitely the end of their story… or is it?

Would either John or Jenna Fischer be interested in carrying on their characters’ story in a Jim & Pam spinoff?

Not so much.

“I don’t know! I feel like our characters are best served when we’re a part of this whole ensemble,” Jenna told Laura. “I feel like the comedy that surrounds us and all these characters and everything, there’s a magic to the whole group, so I don’t know… I think we work in this element.”

“I totally agree,” John interjected. “One hundred percent.”

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So with the book set to close on the Halperts, will either actor be taking any special mementos from the set on the last day of filming?

“I’m gonna take the water color that Pam did of the Dunder-Mifflin building that Michael buys at the art show,” Jenna revealed. “It’s on the wall now!”

“It’s so mundane, but I really want the Assistant Regional Manager Jim Halpert [sign] because it will always remind me of that fight with Dwight about ‘Assistant Regional Manager’ vs. ‘Assistant to the Regional Manager’ which has always been one of my favorite jokes,” John added.

The one-hour series finale of “The Office” airs May 9 on NBC.

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