‘The Office’s’ Ellie Kemper Engaged To Former ‘Conan’ Writer

Ellie Kemper will soon be taking on a new role – a wife!

“The Office” star is engaged to writer Michael Koman, the actress announced during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Conan.”

“The guy you got engaged to is a very talented writer who worked for me for many, many, many years,” Conan O’Brien told Ellie during the show.

In addition to the late night host’s approval, Ellie said her fiance – who currently serves as co-creator of Adult Swim’s “Eagleheart” — has won over her family.

“My family likes him a lot. They’ve met him many times,” she said. “My parents are very warm, welcoming people to begin with, but also, Michael’s a delight.”

The 31-year-old actress, who recently brought the laughs as a Disney-obsessed newlywed in the big screen blockbuster, “Bridesmaids,” admitted there was one member of her family who put Michael through the paces.

“We were at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, and my grandpa’s this very tough guy,” Ellie said of her grandpa – a WWII veteran. “He started grilling Michael – ‘What is your family like? What are your job aspirations? What are your goals in life?’ And I think Michael kind of started to squirm.”

According to Ellie, the grilling didn’t stop there.

When the family ventured to the kitchen for dessert, Grandpa took the opportunity to make an uncomfortable comparison.

“There was a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie out, and my grandpa said, ‘Ellie, what kind of pie are you gonna have?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know, grandpa. They both look really good. I think I’ll have pecan,’” she recalled. “He said, ‘Are you sure, Ellie, because it’s okay to keep your options open. You don’t have to settle on a pie right now.’

“He was like, ‘Who knows what other pies might present themselves? Maybe your mom has a blueberry crumple in the back. Maybe Mrs. Burke will stop by with an apple crisp,’” Ellie continued. “I looked at over at Michael who’s stricken, because obviously, he thinks he’s talking about Michael.”

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