The Originals Preview: Phoebe Tonkin On Playing A Pregnant Werewolf & If Klaus Will Change Diapers

Things are tough for Phoebe Tonkin’s poor Hayley Marshall in “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off “The Originals,” which premieres Thursday night on The CW.

She’s a pregnant single werewolf, carrying the spawn of werewolf/vampire hybrid Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan), and stuck in New Orleans, the one town that has a no tolerance policy on her kind of supernatural creature. Added to that, as fans saw in the spin-off pilot, which aired last spring as part of “The Vampire Diaries,” Hayley’s future, and that of her unborn child, is controlled by the witches, including Sophie (Daniella Pineda).

When The CW show has its official premiere this week, fans can expect brand new unexpected elements, but Hayley is still pregnant and her fate controlled by witches who are hoping to use her as a pawn to get Klaus to sort out his protege-turned-New-Orleans-Vampire-King, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

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Phoebe addressed just what it’s like playing a pregnant werewolf in danger, and in our new interview, some of the important things as well — like whether Klaus will change diapers. Hayley has been called this special werewolf girl by Sophie, the witch. The show is called ‘The Originals,’ and while that title comes from the Mikaelson family, will we also start to find out just how original Hayley is?

Phoebe Tonkin: At this stage we still don’t know. Hayley doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t know who her parents were. I mean that’s kind of been Hayley’s journey for a while now. She just wants to know anything — where she was from, what her real name is, so I guess there could be a chance, but I don’t know at this stage what the plan is.

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Access: Are you hoping, because there are witches involved, that they, potentially, might be able to figure out who she is?

Phoebe: I think she’s in the right place. Klaus directed her to New Orleans and Louisiana and said, ‘This is probably as close as you’re going to get to finding information about your family.’ So yeah, I think especially when she starts making bonds and connections with people, she’s gonna be able to ask more questions and find out more about her history.

Access: How scared at this point is she about becoming a mother?

Phoebe: You know, that’s the thing which is kind of the sad part about Hayley is that she went there looking for a family and still hasn’t found her parents, but [is on the way to becoming] one herself. I don’t think Hayley is as scared of having this child as she is [of] the threat of being a pregnant werewolf in a place where werewolves have been banned. She, I think, is still a little scared of Klaus. She knows that Klaus can be a little relentless in terms of what he does and doesn’t do, even in terms of his own family, let alone someone he got pregnant.

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Access: How fast does this baby grow? Are we going to get into a mythology involving this miracle child?

Phoebe: Hayley, you can see she is growing. I don’t know how fast it will be in terms of timeline, but we’re definitely starting to see her belly grow.

Access: Now that Elijah, he sure is nice to her. Could you see Hayley start to fall for him?

Phoebe: I think so, I mean… he’s the only person to act kindly towards her and I think she appreciates it. It’s very new… for someone to be so nice and sweet to her without having a motive, so I think she’s a little weary of his intentions, but I think someone like Elijah would be good for Hayley, but I don’t think Hayley’s priority right now is a boyfriend.

Access: How would you describe Hayley and Klaus’ relationship at this point?

Phoebe: It kind of goes back and forth. They didn’t see this going any further than it was meant to — a one night stand that ended in an unplanned pregnancy, so I think they go back and forth between resenting each other and also kind of supporting each other and knowing that they may have to work together as parents, but I don’t think they [want] to be in the same room together for very long.

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Access: You said ‘parents’… What do you think Klaus would be like as a daddy?

Phoebe: I think he’ll be very protective. God forbid if, it’s a girl, if she ever tries to bring a date home. And I’m sure if it’s a boy, it would be a mini Klaus. I think he’d be a good father.

Access: Klaus wants to be king of New Orleans again. … Does that make him more interested in the baby because he’d have an heir? I know he can’t be killed, but…

Phoebe: I think so. … I think he’s going to start embracing the idea that this is potentially a miracle baby. There’s a one in a million chance of this happening, and I think he also knows that this could never happen. He could never be in this situation again. He may only have one chance to be a father and this may be it.

Access: Do you think that he’ll change diapers?

Phoebe: (Laughs) No, I don’t. … I think he would compel someone to do it for him.

“The Originals” premieres Thursday night at 9/8c on The CW.

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