The Originals Q&A: Joseph Morgan On Davina The Teenage Witch & Trouble Ahead For The Mikaelsons

Joseph Morgan’s character, Klaus Mikaelson, has always been impulsive, but it appears “The Originals’” vampire-werewolf hybrid is starting to regret his hasty move of staking his brother in the show’s Season 1 premiere.

His decision to hand off the staked Elijah to Marcel to create a sense of trust with his former protege-turned-New-Orleans-Vampire-King also seems like it might have been too rash a move.

As Klaus found out in last week’s episode, Marcel is working with a witch so powerful she was able to erase portions of Rebekah Mikaelson’s memories. And, as the show concluded, Marcel asked the teenage witch – Davina – for help in finding a way to destroy an Original.

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That’s bad news for the still standing members of the Mikaelson family (and the staked one), and Joseph addressed this new threat, the Elijah staking twist and imaging Klaus as a daddy in a new interview with Well… once we finished asking him about his tea drinking practices. I hear you make tea a lot on the set, so I was curious how many cups you’ve had today?

Joseph Morgan: Just three cups today (laughs). Who did you hear that from?

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Access: Phoebe [Tonkin, who plays Hayley]. Tea drinking is serious business, so I just thought it’d be fun to ask you how many teas you get through in a day.

Joseph: I had a couple today. I’ve actually got a kettle in my dressing room that Ian Somerhalder gave me. He never used it. He had one and then he gave it to me and I’ve got a little kettle with a little box of different teas, a couple of mugs…

Access: Sounds like a good setup. … So, on to the show … Looking back to the season premiere, what was the reaction like when people saw the change – that your character staked his brother?

Joseph: There was a lot of, ‘Why? Why? Why?’ on social media. I think he should have seen it coming (laughs). What is it the fifth time he’s been daggered? The sixth time in the last year or two? … People love Elijah, but they do seem to be very forgiving of Klaus and have always been, really. So there was some mixed feelings, I think. I Tweeted about my favorite response — ‘Elijah [is] not a cutlery drawer.’ I thought that was quite hilarious. But yeah, people couldn’t understand it. I think Klaus believes what he’s doing is right, or it’s for the right reasons at least. … Maybe he could have let Elijah in on the plan. He believed in that moment that he was eliminating weakness and then [he’d] be able to go forward to deal with Marcel. It’s almost like he said, ‘You go on a nice little holiday and I’ll deal with this.’ Almost like that.

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Access: Rebekah has a weakness. When she saw Cami and Marcel having the little bar date you could feel her jealousy. Is Klaus is going to pick up on that and worry about that?

Joseph: They have a history — Marcel and Rebekah, as we know. And so yeah, I think Klaus is absolutely gonna pick up on that and worry that it’s a weakness for her, but he’s for whatever serves him or serves his needs best. … I imagine he’ll try and use it to his advantage if he can and then if he can’t, he’ll try and put a stop to it, because we know how possessive he is over Rebekah and how, you know, he wants all the attention. All the love and all the attention, that’s it really, in a nutshell and so if she’s getting chummy with Marcel or getting jealous of Marcel and that’s gonna cause problems for him then that’s not gonna fly.

Access: You know who really likes attention though is teenagers and we’ve got a teenager on the show in the form of a very powerful witch. How much trouble is little Davina going to be?

Joseph: It’s really interesting that, isn’t it? She’s not with the other witches. She doesn’t seem like she’s compelled. She actually wants to do what Marcel wants. She’s part of his team. … I think Episode 5 we’re going to learn more about her history and why she is so powerful in this situation that she’s in, kept away like she is. But yeah, she’s absolutely gonna be trouble. She’s incredibly powerful as we’ve seen and as we’re gonna see come Episode 4, we’re going to have a glimpse of the extent of her powers and that doesn’t bode well for the Mikaelsons being as she’s working for the opposition. She’s absolutely going to be a fly in the ointment.

Access: Marcellus, as your character named him, was like a son to Klaus and we saw how he turned out. So, should we be worried about the baby on the way, considering your character’s parenting skills?

Joseph: (Laughs) Yeah, definitely. If Klaus is raising this child alone, I can’t imagine it’s going to grow up to be the most well-adjusted man or woman. … Hopefully his brother and sister will be around to guide him through that. They seem a little bit better balanced than he is — at least Elijah perhaps. Rebekah’s a little temperamental.

Access: Have you and your castmates chatted about Klaus and his potential parenting? It has to be fun to imagine Klaus as a dad.

Joseph: Like him at daddy-baby classes or going to like the breathing technique classes with Hayley? Yeah, I think so, or like with one of those breast pumps strapped to chest, feeding his baby wolf’s milk. Yeah, I mean, we toyed with the idea of course. There’s so many different funny situations. … We mucked about with that.

“The Originals” airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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