The Originals Q&A: Michael Trevino Previews Tyler & Klaus’ ‘Huge Confrontation’

Tyler Lockwood is heading to The CW’s “The Originals” tonight, with revenge on his mind.

“The Vampire Diaries” character, played by Michael Trevino, is crossing over – from Mystic Falls to New Orleans — and ready to bring even more trouble to Klaus (as if dealing with Marcel wasn’t enough for the original hybrid!).

“Tyler being in New Orleans, you kind of have some new faces that he’s never met before. Obviously this battle for New Orleans between Klaus and Marcel, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler kind of makes new alliances with people,” Michael teased about what’s ahead.

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And, in our new interview with the actor, Michael hinted at the impending confrontation between Tyler and Klaus and how Tyler obtained some knowledge about Hayley’s history. How excited are you for people to finally see this episode?

Michael Trevino: I gotta tell you, I’m really excited. It’s written by Michael Narducci. … He really wrote me some amazing moments and work here. I’d have to say, honestly… in my five seasons of being on ‘Vampire Diaries,’ this is kind of the most material I’ve been given. Tyler’s the ‘A’ storyline for once and I have a lot of fun with it.

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Access: He’s going to New Orleans. What took him so long?

Michael: (Laughs) That’s a good question. I think with him going back to Caroline and going to a college costume party, I think he figured, ‘OK, yeah, this isn’t gonna work,’ and he’s there to seek revenge against Klaus — finally. So I don’t know why it took so long, but I’m glad that he’s made the move over there.

Access: In your last ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode, Tyler looked totally broken because he had to leave Caroline behind and break up with her. How much pain is he in at this point? That’s gotta help propel his journey somewhat.

Michael: He’s gone through, really, this emotional rollercoaster with his mother dying and his dad dying, and going through this whole werewolf change and all that. He’s been through a lot. … [This time, though] he made the decision to leave. Every other time it’s been kind of something out of his control and he’s been forced to leave, so this one kind of hurt and… it was a breakup of a relationship that he was in.

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Access: How tough was that ‘Vampire Diaries’ scene to film — the one where Tyler and Caroline break up?

Michael: Well, usually it’s kind of Candice [Accola] that’s crying and then I’m able to walk away, but [here it’s] Tyler’s making decisions, so it was both of us balling and then — in reality — all my scenes are with Candice and so for them to have this break up it was kind of like, ‘Oh. Wow, Candice. We’re breaking up here! I don’t know how many scenes we’re gonna [have], how much we’re gonna work together in the future.’ So, it was a little tough. It was a little tough.

Access: Does Tyler have a death wish, because going up against Klaus — he’s an original, he’s a hybrid, he’s everything and obviously you can’t kill him unless you want to kill yourself. It’s so complicated!

Michael: Right, yeah I know. Very complicated. At this point… what does he have to lose? It’s kind of when [someone is] surrounded by all this death and I want to say what more do you have to live for? If you’re gonna go out, go out with a bang. He just wants to ruin any kind of plan that Klaus has — anything that he has set in motion right now. He’s gonna want to make it not happen and he’s that thorn in Klaus’ a** and I think he knows that and so, if that’s what he’s gonna be then he’s fine with that. If that’s as far as it goes, then I think he’s fine with that.

Access: Are we going to get a full on confrontation between Klaus and Tyler in this episode?

Michael: There’s gonna be a huge confrontation. [When you have] guys that are enemies and don’t get along and somebody says something about somebody’s ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend… then you just start fighting and that’s kind of what happens here and it’s a drawn out fight and I think fans are gonna like it.

Access: Was there a lot of choreography involved and wires?

Michael: There were a lot stunts. When you get punched by a hybrid, it might send you flying a few feet and that’s what we have here.

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Access: [Executive Producer] Julie Plec was saying the other week that Tyler’s presence in the Bayou, it’s going to help answer some questions related to Hayley and where she comes from. What can you hint at about how your character fits into the new Hayley arc?

Michael: Tyler, since breaking up with Caroline, has been in the mountains with various wolf packs and through his journey gathered a lot of information. Basically, it’s like gathering a lot of intel on your enemies. So he’s gathered all this information about Hayley. He’s aware of the baby and he knows what that baby means to Klaus and so if he can kind of threaten her or make Klaus kind of really nervous about him being around then Tyler might go there. Tyler might do that and that’s why you will find out a lot of information when Tyler meets Hayley.

Access: How long does Tyler plan to stay away from Mystic Falls — do you know?

Michael: I don’t know. I’m not gonna say that he’s gonna stay in New Orleans, but I’m hoping, honestly, that he’s able to bounce back and forth between the two, but I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of Tyler in Mystic Falls. I think eventually he’d head home.

Access: Will we see you beyond this episode in New Orleans?

Michael: I think Tyler will stick around for more than one episode.

“The Originals” airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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