The Stars Weigh In On Jen & Vince’s Break Up

We posed a handful of questions about Jennifer Aniston?s split with Vince Vaughn to our friends at Here?s what they had to say, astrologically speaking, of course.

Why did Jen and Vince break up?

Jennifer Aniston (AQUARIUS) and Vince Vaughn (ARIES) are a classic example of a couple where each is looking for a reflection of themselves. It can be great to find a fellow traveler in this sometimes wild and crazy world, and this kind of match-up happens a lot. But relationships like this typically fall through the looking glass as soon as disenchantment sets in.

Imagine two busy celebrities seeing themselves across a crowded room. They are enchanted by their own reflection and are charmed by the idea of being with someone like themselves. They rush together, find joy in the other and obtain a temporary stability compared with where they were before they found each other.

At first, it seems as if they could live happily ever after, but this is not the case. The first-found stability gives them the time and space needed to settle down and take stock — in other words, to look around. And when they do that from the standpoint of the new peace they’ve found, everyone outside looks more interesting than their newfound lover, who now seems like dullsville. The relationship then degenerates from the inside out. Their contentment soon turns to boredom, there is nothing to exchange and, above all, the mystery is gone. Enchantment turns to criticism, which can then turn to contempt if not caught in time. But Jennifer and Vince seem to be handling their dynamic — and lack of it — very well. They are truly friends.

What does love have in store for Jennifer?

The road ahead for Jennifer will not be quite as dreamy as this last stretch has been. Jen’s natal chart patterns reveal that she is not destined to remain without a partner. For all her spunk, her chart type is very needy when it comes to relationships, meaning that she needs a partner and will always look for one.

She will not be content until she finds a permanent partner. This is very clear, so there’s no need to worry that this breakup with Vince — or even her divorce from Brad Pitt, for that matter — will permanently poison or affect her. Not a chance.

What Jen needs is someone who is not too cerebral — too much headiness or
critical faculty can hurt. She needs a more touchy-feely person — someone who reaches out, gets physical with her and reminisces about it later. Jen will thrive with a partner who pulls her out of her somewhat critical mind, bringing her more down to earth, and putting her more in touch with her own feelings. On her own, Jen thinks and worries way too much. She needs a partner who will absorb all her mental stuff but not be bothered by it.

Taking a quick look back at Jen’s past marriage, Brad’s chart type is exactly the same as Vince’s; he’s another reflection in the mirror for Jen. That’s why that relationship didn’t work either.

Is love around the corner for Jen?

As for when love will strike next for Jen, this depends on whether or not she finally realizes that being with someone just like her is not going to last. Real chemistry involves finding a partner unlike ourselves and stepping into the unknown, where real mystery can thrive. As for possible astrological dates for Jennifer, we can look to next spring for something to happen, perhaps a relationship that will start in April and last until November of 2007 ? or perhaps two relationships, one in each of those months.

Will this break up mark the start of a dark time for Jen?

Not likely. Jen’s astrological chart is too naturally astringent for that. She will heal her own wounds and move on. Basically, she is an optimist and is always looking toward the future. The future, to her, is always better than the present — and way better than the past.

How will this break up affect her career?

The split with Vince will not affect Jen’s career in any way. Her career and her love life are actually intertwined, and both are very important to her. She will brush herself off and keep right on walking. This next year should be a good year for her career, oddly enough, and this will tie in in with the possibility of a new love adventure. Jen loves adventure and taking risks, so she will be fine.

Courteney Cox-Arquette: Will she be a great help to Jen?

Of course best friend Courtney Cox-Arquette will be helpful, but here again, Courteney has the same kind of chart type as Jen. So while they have a
wonderful, close friendship, Courteney will have no more of a clue than Jen
about how to solve her relationship issues. As friends, Courteney and Jen cling together. They are both looking for the same thing in a partner.

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