The Tomorrow People: Jason Dohring Talks Bringing Trouble For Luke Mitchell’s John

Jason Dohring heads to “The Tomorrow People” this evening, and he’ll be bringing trouble to the doorstep of Luke Mitchell’s John Young.

The “Veronica Mars” and “Moonlight” alum is guest starring as Killian McCrane, a man who was raised at Ultra under the tutelage of Jedekiah (Mark Pellegrino), but left the agency some time ago. Now, he’s back in town, looking for John for reasons that will become very clear in the episode, airing at 9/8c on The CW.

Jason has played a handful of supernatural creatures in his career — four or five by his count — and he discussed taking on new superpowers (like teleportation) for this guest spot, and hinted at the drama ahead in a new interview with

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Jason Dohring: I think they sort of both grew up together and Kilian’s sort of the dark version of John, so him and John are both sort of — in a sick way — both children of Jedekiah, who sort of saved us when we were young, raised us and transformed us and so we both sort of deal with it in a different way. John’s sort of like, he seeks the separation of humans and I just wanna like, wipe ‘em off the face of the planet you know? So I think there is sort of that dichotomy, but also… when you grow up with somebody, you have those feelings of kinship and I think that’s sort of the last hope… for this guy and if that were to go away, then he might be inclined to do some terrible things.

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Access: How much do you know about a character when you go into a guest spot like this? When you signed on, did you know everything about Kilian?

Jason: Well, it’s so funny, I was listening to Michael C. Hall [from] ‘Dexter’ and he was talking in an interview about after a while of being on a show, you kind of have all this history that’s actually yours… from this character… And that’s sort of one of the difficulties you’ll run across when doing a guest star [role] is that nothing’s really there past that episode. … So… you have to spend, probably 80 percent more time beyond what you normally would to create backstories. … Like all your early days at Ultra, and who Jedekiah is, what he did to him, [you have to sort of] fill that all in, so it kind of has any kind of substance when you see it. And I think the more you put it on the front end of that, you’ll see it when it’s filmed.

Access: How did this guest spot fit in with your ‘Veronica Mars’ movie shooting schedule? Did you come up afterwards or did you have to stop and say, ‘I’ve gotta go up to Canada?’

Jason: Oh, no. We finished filming probably two or three months ago.

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Access: So you could travel up North.

Jason: Yeah, exactly. I’m actually up in Canada on another thing right now, so I’m probably going to get together with Luke and Robbie [Amell] and watch the episode up here, because I think they get together every week and watch it, so they kindly reached out.

Access: You’ll have to get Tweeting then…

Jason: I don’t, but maybe I’ll jump on one of there’s if they don’t mind.

Access: What were some of your favorite superpowers from your various roles?

Jason: All in all, this is probably the biggest. Being a vampire is awesome, because on a Joel Silver show you have people on wires and you have like ‘Matrix’ elements, but this one actually had probably very similar qualities to that. We definitely had people on wires, flying across the room… and just doing the stunts, which I was so over confident in when I arrived and so humbled when I left. They’re so well-choreographed.

I guess the teleporting is something I’ve never done before because in the middle of a scene, you’d stop the scene and get blasted with a burst of air and then all the actors would stop and whoever teleported would walk around to the back of them and then punch them in the head or whatever, and there might be three or four breaks in the scene. … By the end of it, [if] you’re wearing a trench coat, you’re sweating pretty good.

Access: I guess with the blast of wind then, you felt like a supermodel?

Jason: Oh, extremely yeah. But I don’t stand a candle against Luke, but other than that.

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Access: What super power would you want to have if you could have one?

Jason: That’s so cool. I was totally talking about this with my wife [on Sunday] and I think… reading minds would be pretty awesome, because I think you could handle a lot of things in the future. Yeah, I think I’d like to read minds.

“The Tomorrow People” continues tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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